Board Breaking Experience

Board breaking may be new to some people. There are so many different benefits even for the novice. With the right frame of mind you can achieve anything. It is only your imagination stopping you!

Board breaking is about planning ahead, looking beyond and through the board and the satisfaction of achieving. Most importantly it is a mental winning attitude. We can all push our limitations to a place where we never thought we could go and that includes you!

More About Board Breaking

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Don't have to be Bruce Lee

Board breaking can be done by those with no previous martial arts skills or those who are less physical. You have hidden strength!

Creates positive outcomes

Breaking through a board with your barrier written on it with your bare hands is a very powerful feeling!

Get the energy in the room flowing!

Nothing gets your adrenaline pumping than knowing you're about to smash through a wooden board!

Talk about it for days

Watching your friends and colleagues break through their boards will be a talking point for days.