Escape The Box Team Building

A real life escape room activity. Work through the clues and correctly complete the questions and challenges to unlock the next part of the game.

Will your team figure out how to reveal hidden messages, and will they be able to follow the secret directions left on the Dictaphone? Concentration and team work are crucial in this classic race against time. Decipher puzzles, solve conundrums and overcome any curve balls or misleading information to crack the padlock codes and escape the box.

More About Escape the Box

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12 Challenges

Teams must solve 12 sequential stages as quickly as they can, while correctly completing questions and challenges as they go. This experience is all about team work.

Problem Solving

Inspired by the Escape Room phenomenon, our Escape The Box requires teams to work through the myriad of clues in order to ‘unlock’ the next part of the game.

What Happens?

Expect to be immersed as you decipher puzzles and conundrums to crack the padlock codes and gain access to the next activity box.

Range of Challenges

Activities include morse code, fingerprinting, litmus testing, UV lamps and map reading/compass to name just a few!