Strictly Come Dining

You have seen the popular TV show and now it is your turn. Have you got the culinary skill to work under pressure?

In this fun, creative team event you and your group will go head to head to produce a tasty 2 or 3 course dinnerfor your colleagues to judge, then it will be their turn to cook for you! Each team will have luxury colour coded stainless steel cookery zones and will work with professional chefs to produce their masterpiece.

More About Strictly Come Dining

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Using your creative flare, create delicious dishes in your teams, ensuring they look cohesive, presentable and tastes fantastic!

Flexible and Bespoke

Why not turn up the heat and add on a cookery themed scavenger where teams source ingredients and equipment before the cookery activity!?

Range of Themes

We can offer a huge range of themes for this fun cooking activity, including Molecular, Thai, Indian, Tapas, Barbecue, British and more!


We bring a professional chef who will demonstrate techniques such as knife handling, dish presentation and other cookery skills!