Taken Kidnap Experience Team Building

Blood splatter

Your job is to rescue your kidnapped CEO and get him or her back before it's too late! This event was a finalist for a Team Building Event of the Year Award!

An Ex-Detective/Military & other professionals will deliver a special briefing to you, whereby you need to devise the most appropriate plan to recover your kidnapped CEO. You will develop 'special skills' through analysing various surveillance techniques and harbouring your hostage negotiation skills. Will you rescue the victim before it's too late?

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3 Extreme Challenges

Teams must complete 3 main challenges which include bribing an informant, tailing suspects and taking part in a forensic workshop.

Covert and Savvy

In this event, teams must make quick decisions using surveillance tactics to meet informants, track suspects and rescue the victim before it's too late!

Clues & Analysis

Learn how to draw fingerprints from substances, such as paper, using magnetic flake powder; used by real forensic experts.

Leadership & Collaboration

This event focuses heavily on leadership and collaboration within your teams to complete a variety of tasks to save your CEO.