Ultimate Wellness | Breaking Down Barriers

Many companies now look to incorporate staff wellness into their experiences. Designed by experts, our unique twist on “ultimate wellness” will bring your team together in a completely different way.

You will have the chance to break through wooden boards. You will be encouraged by your colleagues and our motivators. Confidence will also be boosted harnessing and cementing a winning attitude. This event has a strong focus on employee engagement, wellbeing and motivation. Guests will leave this event not only feeling highly valued but also fired up to work with each other in a whole new way.

More About Ultimate Wellness

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The perfect combination of an emotional & physical experience

A perfect balance enabling you to use body and mind

Get to grips with your personality style and your teams

Teams are made up of many personalities and you can find out what makes up yours.

Turn mindfulness into actions

With a huge amount of team encouragement, it’s onto a motivational board breaking experience

You don't have to be Bruce Lee

Challenge you and your team to break through their barriers, limitations and doubts to the next level of performance