Right Angle Corporate Events - How Team Building Experiences Promote Positive Mental Well-being at Work

It is a win-win situation, making it something well worth investing in for your staff. But just how do you take a group of random people with potentially little in common and draw them together as an active and supportive team?

Let’s take a look at how team building experiences promote mental well-being at work.

Team Building Works

If the only thing your staff do is turn up to work at the same time every day and leave at the same time every day, there is little time for them to grow and thrive as a united team. Team building events have been around for decades, but they have evolved and changed in nature that now we have evidence to suggest they are even more useful.

In the early days, a team day may have consisted of everyone heading to a meeting room or staff room within the work premises and playing cringe-worthy games involving building bridges with chairs. I can see some of you out there laughing, but honestly, that was as good as it got.

Get Your Staff Out of the Office

Staying in work is possibly the worst way to run a team-building exercise. Guard against considering the cost implications first, and take the team away for the day. Happy and well-balanced staff take less time off and are more effective with their work time than people who find work isolating and stressful.

Social events like It’s A Knockout and Crystal Challenge, for example, are a great way to create unity and build support for teams with team members needing to work cooperatively and support each other.

If you fancy something even more different, Right Angle specialise in unique crime scene investigation events. The Killing is our award winning and most popular team building event and requires teams to work together to solve a whodunit-style murder.

The Detective is an immersive experience which has similar elements to The Killing and involves getting the team out and about exploring the city.

Supported by Science

If you are feeling a bit sceptical and concerned that this is nothing more than a day out at the expense of the company, then you may be interested in learning that this is actually backed up by science. An international study recently published by the Journal for Environmental and Public health shows how they used over 1400 pieces of existing research.

The collaboration of these papers and studies conclusively showed a direct correlation between positive social experiences created by shared activities and staff retention, lower sickness levels and high performance. When you think more about the amount of time we spend at work it makes perfect sense that people are more likely to want to be in a job where they feel happy and ‘at home’.

A team of isolated individuals is not going to be suitable for work output and potentially leads to high turnover and constant retraining of new staff.

Start Planning Your Event Now

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