When it comes to the Top 8 Questions About Short Team Building Activities, we took our questions from our actual client enquiries. When you think of short team-building experiences, most people think they involve mundane things like dropping an egg with a parachute and seeing if it cracks (yes this is real) or trust falls (just no!). However, what if I told you not only are they awesome fun, they can be snappy, immersive and fitted into a lunch-hour.

So what I hear you say, surely nothing can really be gained by my team in just an hour? Well, this is a common question we are asked by clients, so we thought it was about time we put together the top 8 questions we get asked about short team-building events and answered them for you.

Can You Actually Achieve Anything With Your Team In Less Than 1 Hour? 

In short – Yes. Team building experiences such as CrackedIt! are designed to maximise the time you have by jumping straight into the action. Business outcomes such as team communication, leadership and motivation are all built into each activity, so that as soon as the intro is over, teams will hit the ground running.

What Are The Best Short Team Building Activities There Are At The Moment? 

We have a large portfolio of hour-long experiences with something for everyone. Whether you fancy some high-energy Board Breaking, a prison-themed escape room activity in Cracked It! want to test your forensic know-how with our self-led DIY CSI, or want to make sweet music with the always popular Samba Drumming, we have the perfect event for you.

Samba Drumming Team Build - Right Angle Corporate Events

We Only Have 30 Minutes, Can You Have An Activity In That Short Duration? 

Absolutely! We do offer some activities – our specialist energisers. These are tailored to last between 10 and 45 minutes, so can be squeezed into to even the most jam-packed of days. Some of the most popular ones are:

The Movie Pitch (from 15-30 mins)
Teams must “pitch” a movie as if they were in front of the owners of a major Hollywood studio

Human Bingo (15-20 mins)
This is a fun twist on the classic game. Instead of numbers, you need to check off activities and challenges!

Picture Perfect (15-45 mins)
A quintessential communication exercise as teams are tasked with recreating a masterpiece via the medium of whispers.

Let’s Get Rhythmical (20-30 mins)
Using body percussion to energetic and hilarious effect, each rhythm will be built into the others until the ‘hand orchestra’ is in full swing…

On Parade (15-45 mins)
Greeted by your costumed Sergeant-Major, you’ll learn how to stand, turn and march then time to get competitive.

Our Conference Has An Hour Spare, Should We Hold Our Team Building Activities Before Or After The “Heavy” Content?

This is really a personal choice, however, we normally recommend having a “midway break” team-building event to break up your day. As long as you get yourself a break and time to re-energise yourself before more in-depth brain work, then there is no best practice for timings.

Short team building activities

Can You Only Organise Team Building Activities For Large Companies? 

Not at all! we work with groups from 2 people (yes really) all the way up to 500+. We regularly work with small teams no more than 15 employees and the events remain exactly the same. In fact, we have several events that are perfect for teams under 20 staff including GPS Treasure Hunt, CrackedIt! and The Killing. All of which will put your team through their paces!

How Can I Convince Our Manager That Short Team Building Activities Are Worth Organising? 

There are numerous professional studies, and some of our own blogs Read Them Here that highlight the numerous benefits of team building including communication, togetherness, relationship building and team cohesion.
This is alongside the immediate rewards of having your staff coming together to have creative fun, you will see an immediate uptick in motivation.
If you’re on the fence for financial reasons, then why not read our blog on tax deductions for team building.

Do Short Team Building Activities Work Well As An Ice Breaker?

We have all been to conferences and events where you have to stand up and awkwardly talk about yourself. Maybe some task that makes you want the ground to swallow you up. However, with team building as an ice breaker, you get to work together with people instantly and come together to help solve problems, but you avoid having all eyes on you.

How Much Do Short Team Building Activities Cost? 

Every team building event we do is completely bespoke to your needs and wants, as well as numbers of participants and location of the event. However, we always work towards finding a perfect event for your budget and work with you to make this happen.

If you are looking for other short, creative ideas and sessions for your conference check out the Slido’s ideas to try in 2020!  5 Creative Conference Ideas to Try in 2020 there are some really fascinating ideas to give your conference that amazing edge and get your delegates excited for the day ahead!

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