What’s the first thing to think about when planning a corporate team-building event for your office? My guess is it is not looking over a list of the Top 15 Corporate Team Building Activities, but it should be! If you’re completely overwhelmed at the notion of this very question and don’t know where to start then read on.

Team building is one of the most important investments you can make in your company and one that will pay dividends time and time again. Unfortunately, you can’t just buy a fully-fledged, multi-purpose, team-building experience that gets delivered to your door. There are lots of things to consider, so we have put together some ideas from our huge catalogue of events to make it easier for you!

We have put together our Top 15 Corporate Team Building Activities in categories that will suit your requirements and answers your burning questions.

Outdoor Events

If one of the main focuses of your event is to simply get out of the office, then go outdoors. Getting out in the sun and feeling the fresh air is so good for mental well-being and it helps that we offer some very fun outside events that your team won’t forget.

It’s a Knockout

It's a Knockout
  • This fun, wacky event is perfect for away days and getting teams out of the office and into the sun (hopefully!)
  • Encourages collaboration: go head to head and work in teams to complete challenges by communication and working together
  • Inclusivity: Create a bespoke event by choosing from our large repertoire of options to ensure there’s something for all team members
  • Crazy costumes, huge inflatables, slippery slides, wacky races and enough foam to fill a pool; expect a lot of cheering and laughing

Crystal Challenge

Crystal Challenge - Right Angle Corporate Events Team Building
  • based on the ‘90s game show and involves challenges that will test both your brain and physical skills so there is an activity for everyone!
  • Relies heavily on teamwork and collaboration to complete the challenges and earn the tokens
  • Energetic and memorable, this event can be adapted to allow teams to take part, whatever the weather! 
  • The grand finale will see the top 3 teams entering our giant dome!

Multi-Activity Day Experience

Multi Activity fun day
  • Create your very own personalised experience by choosing from a variety of exciting activities. Whether it’s 1 activity or 6, we can tailor the length of your experience
  • Unique activities that your team may have never tried before
  • It involves everyone, leaving them with great memories having had a fun-filled and memorable day. Choose from activities such as laser clay pigeon shooting, duck herding, falconry, crossbows and more
  • Great for summer: The event gets the team outdoors, working away from the office which is great for mental health and morale!

Indoor Events

If you would like your event to be any time other than peak summer (and even then, you’re praying for the sun) or just don’t want to chance the weather, then it may be best to go for an indoor event. Whether you want high-tech, immersive or problem solving or all of the above, we definitely have something for you! 

VR Team building

  • Try out VR as you go head to head in a series of wacky virtual challenges
  • No skills needed: The VR activities are simple to master and enjoy even if you’ve never even played a video game before
  • Minimal space required: You don’t even have to leave the office! So, if space is an issue, you only need an area 2M X 2M for each VR station
  • Don’t miss out on any of the action: You can watch what the contestant is seeing live on any TV screen

Taken Kidnap Experience

  • Your job is to rescue your kidnapped CEO and get them back before it’s too late!
  • You will develop ‘special skills’ through analysing various surveillance techniques and harbouring your hostage negotiation skills
  • Teams must be smart and savvy and complete 3 main challenges which include bribing an informant, tailing suspects and taking part in a forensic workshop
  • This event was a finalist for a Team Building Event of the Year Award

Stop the Clocks

Stop the Clock - Right Angle Corporate Events
  • A fast-paced race against time where teams must work collectively to complete challenges as accurately as possible using communication and attention to detail
  • It will test teams’ accuracy and time management skills
  • Teams work against their opponents to complete tasks before the others press their timer
  • This team-building activity can be held in a variety of venues, including outdoor locations, and is perfect for any season!

For the Problem Solvers

Like to test your brain power? Logic, creativity, resilience, imagination, lateral thinking and determination will be tested in our problem- solving experiences. But acquiring these skills shouldn’t have to feel like work. Escape the office and throw yourself into something thrilling, energetic and immersive.

The Killing: CSI Experience

  • This event was awarded Conference and Incentive Travel Magazine’s “Team Building Experience of the Year”
  • Designed by Ex-Scotland Yard Detectives, this hands-on, immersive team-building experience will see you pushing boundaries and testing yourself
  • Analyse & test a range of clues bringing you closer to the suspect. Teams must; dust for fingerprints, look at ballistics, hair & fibre, blood & much more, all whilst wearing a fabulous forensic suit
  • Events take around 3 hours. Suitable for 5-500 participants. Can be held at most venues and is perfect for both indoors and outdoors

Awakening the Dead

Awakening The Dead Team Building Event - Right Angle Corporate Events
  • Work through a series of forensic challenges, giving you the opportunity to solve a case using evidence and clues from the 1970s through the actual methods employed by real Crime Scene Investigators
  • Encourages team to collaborate on an exciting “cold case” CSI challenge
  • Use modern forensic techniques and challenge your team to piece together all the evidence and solve the heinous crime. Tasks include; dusting, lifting & analysing fingerprints, as well as blood splatter & forensic analysis.
  • This experience is suitable for 5+ Participants and can be run for larger groups. The event is a fantastic analytical challenge and ideal for executive teams.

Escape the Box

Escape The Box - Right Angle Corporate Events Team Building
  • Inspired by the Escape Room phenomenon, it requires teams to work through the myriad of clues in order to ‘unlock’ the next part of the game.
  • Teams must solve 12 sequential stages as quickly as they can, while correctly completing questions and challenges as they go. This experience is all about teamwork.
  • Expect to be immersed as you decipher puzzles and conundrums to crack the padlock codes and gain access to the next activity box.
  • Activities include Morse code, fingerprinting, litmus testing, UV lamps and map reading/compass to name just a few!

Adrenaline Junkies

Get your heart racing with our events perfect for all the adrenaline junkies out there! If you’re constantly on the hunt for excitement and adventure, there will be an event for you. Whether it’s learning survival skills from the best or karate kicking all your negative energy out, these events promote collaboration and improve morale and motivation, for sure!

Soap Box Derby

  • Teams face each other in this head to head challenge to develop and construct a race-ready self-propelled soapbox car
  • This activity is perfect for summer events and away days and gives your team the opportunity to work outdoors
  • heavily relies on the creativity within your teams. Ensure you get everyone’s input so that your car looks the best it possibly can!
  • Contestants will be presented with blueprints, materials and the tools needed to construct the vehicle and the rest is up to you

Bear Grylls Survival Academy

  • The Survival Academy focuses on a whole host of outcomes including problem-solving, creativity, trust, conflict resolution & strategic planning
  • Undertake a range of survival-themed challenges, inspired by Bear and some of the greatest explorers of all-time lead by Bear’s team of expert instructors. All our events are run by professional trainers
  • Air Crash Scenario, Wilderness Stretcher Race, Navigation Challenge, Axe Throwing, Sniper Rifle Shooting and the famous Gross Eat challenge are just some of the activities that may be included in your day
  • We can provide this experience at a variety of locations around the world. From hotel grounds in the UK to international deserts

Board Breaking Experience

board breaking team building
  • Board breaking is about planning ahead, looking beyond and through the board and the satisfaction of achieving
  • Breaking through a board with your barrier written on it with your bare hands is a very powerful feeling!
  • All you need for this event is a mental winning attitude. We can all push our limitations to a place where we never thought we could go and that includes you!
  • Ideal as a powerful motivation tool. You can’t help but leave feeling enthused

Time Sensitive (1-hour events)

Not everyone is in the position to leave the office for a long time, so why not fit an event into a lunch break? We offer 1-hour events for those who are limited by time, so there’s no excuse! It can be used as a mid-conference break or a morning energiser to get everyone going, these events are invaluable to any team building day and have so many benefits.


Cracked It Case
  • Fast-paced and immersive, this prison themes escape room style activity will have teams working against the clock
  • Our newest experience offers an immersive experience where teams must problem-solve their way-out prison
  • Your skills set will be pushed to the limit with a range of puzzles and conundrums including code-cracking, riddle-solving and more
  • The perfect jam-packed event for those that are limited by time

Samba Drumming

Samba Drumming Team Build - Right Angle Corporate Events
  • Get in touch with your inner drummer and immerse yourself in this energetic and fun addition to your away day or conference to create a great sense of unity
  • Samba Drumming is not only fun and unique but also can be tailored to suit your teams’ needs
  • This activity will help to develop teambuilding, confidence, concentration, memory, and communications skills
  • This event will eject energy and life into your team and promotes a great sense of mental well being

Haka Workshop

Haka new zealand
  • Fun, empowering and uplifting activity, ideal for uniting and motivating your team
  • Learn about this cultural Maori tribal dance, see the Haka being demonstrated live then follow the workshop and learn it yourselves. The Haka demonstrates unity, one team, working together in strength and is the perfect event for your team to experience together
  • This activity is perfect for groups looking to re-energise after lunch or as an initial icebreaker before an event!
  • We can incorporate conference themes into the workshop, such as working together and unity, to get your group thinking about company aims and values

All in all, don’t let the planning put you off. If nothing here as grabbed your attention from our Top 15 Corporate Team Building Activities, then have a look through all our events from the button below.No one should be limited by time, space, weather or location and there is an event out there for everyone in your office. And if there’s not, then we can personalise it so there is!

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