Team Building events and staff days out are an extraordinary way of accelerating team relationships to their full potential. Team activities enable you to moderate employee stress and give employees the chance to mingle and get to know one another outside of the office environment.

Most of all, they’re extremely fun!

But how do you plan and find the best concepts of team building? Do you go onto Google and search for “Team Building Events” and hope to stagger over a well written article that suggests you take your team on “Bowling” and “Corporate Parties”? This is a good place to commence your journey, but where can you find the most authentic and unforgettable team building events? We’ve got you covered, read on.

Immersive Team Building Events

1.        The Killing

Get out of the office and into your CSI suits. This is a purely hands-on team building experience that welcomes every participant to push their boundaries and test themselves while opening their eyes to the challenges and turmoil faced by Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators all across the UK.

The Killing, an award winning team building event created and designed by our very own senior Ex-Scotland Yard Detectives, is the No.1 most thrilling and immersive team building experience in the entire UK. (Learn more)

The Killing at Open in Norwich - Team Building - Right Angle Corporate Events - Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK

Image Source: Open, Norwich

2.      Crystal Challenge

Compete against each other in teams with an exhilarating mixture of mental and physical challenges, putting yourself in the best position to win as many crystals as possible for your team.

The Crystal Challenge is an exceedingly enjoyable experience that suits and size of party, big or small, and guarantees to lift and boost morale and spirits. You’ll need an abundance of competitive energy and teamwork skills are a must and will be put to the test in this fun-filled and electrifying team building challenge. The finalists get to enter the grand crystal dome at the end and the team with the most golden tickets wins the Crystal Challenge! (Learn more)

3.      Taken Experience

In this team build, you’ll be delivered a special brief by an ex Scotland Yard Detective. With this, you will need to devise the most applicable plan of action to recover your kidnapped CEO. You and your team will acquire and practice special skills learnt from the analysis of various surveillance techniques and the observation of hostage negotiation skills.

Starting in a controlled environment, safe and sound, you will then go out of the building into the sinister and murky world of crime. Every clue you find along the way might be a vital tell-tale sign, helping you conclude and drill down on the suspect. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate - Taken Experience

Source: Ingleton Wood

4.      Around The World

Just as the name suggests, Around the World is an interactive and energetic team building event. Truly unique and engaging, this indoor treasure hunt challenges you and your team to work your way around the world, without having to leave the comfort of your chosen venue location.

Each participant will be armed with a tablet and this will act as your passport and guide. It will be down to you and your journeying teammates to visit a number of virtual countries and activate the various ‘hot spots’ in order to complete an enlivening range of local, national and international challenges which will see you earning points to the top of the leader board. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events - Around The World

Image Source: Fortune

5.      Stocks in the City

This is a team build where all the adrenaline, high stake competition and theatre takes centre stage. Each team member will experience a dramatic apex whilst mimicking the world stock markets. This is a truly authentic simulation of the real-life trading scenarios that stem from every financial district of the world.

Every participating team member is guaranteed to get a taste of the extreme highs and lows that come with the perpetual fluctuation of the real-time stock market and all its corresponding characteristics. You’ll be tasked to pay attention to the ramifications that these changes have on the value of the share certificates that you’ve already made an investment in. Eagerly scrutinising other people’s intuition and decision making skills may put you ahead in this game and your instincts will be pushed to their very limit.

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events - Stocks in the city

Image Source: Zing

6.      Real Life Clu’doo

In this enigmatic team build, you’ll be commissioned to discover and unmask the murderer or Dr Jonathan Black, following his murder at Tudor Mansion. Together, with your team, you will attempt to solve who killed him, where they did it, how they did it and what their motive was for committing such a heinous crime.

You’ll find it hard not to notice the inherent characteristics of the board game classic, with a forensic twist on the classic. Your team must evidence who killed Dr Black in this engrossing and inimitable team experience. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events - Real Life Clu Doo

Image Source: Laura Rayyan

7.      Virtual Reality CSI

We are known in the industry for our crime related team building events, having won awards for designing and offering the team building event of the year ‘The Killing’. This Virtual Reality masterwork is an improved and premium version of our already disreputable ‘The Killing’. How can it be improved or get better? By offering a new incredible, innovative and fully-immersive virtual reality crime scene experience. That’s right.

Exactly as it sounds; step into our virtual reality crime scene or explore one of the detailed crime scenes in ‘Dolls house view’. We figured the combination of cutting-edge technology, twinned with the most recognised crime team building event in the UK, would skyrocket people’s eagerness to jump on the team building bandwagon, and we were right! (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - right Angle Corporate Events - Virtual Reality CSI

Image Source: Forbes

8.      The Bodyguard Experience

The infamous TV series, The Bodyguard, attracted over 11,000,000 viewers – demonstrating its popularity amongst UK viewers. This means nearly 1 in 5 people in the UK watched the programme. This allowed us the opportunity to revisit and reinvigorate our ‘Bodyguard Experience’ and make it better than ever.

Each team member will be faced with a kidnapping, robbery or assassination. You will develop your awareness and skill sets as a protective bodyguard, as educated by an experienced team. You will learn defensive techniques like weapon disarming, surveillance of a suspect and sharp shooting skills in what guarantees to be a fun-filled and thrilling team building event. This is the ultimate destination for teams working together as a unit. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events - The Bodyguard Experience

Image Source: BBC

9.      Crime and Dine

This is a compelling evening experience that takes place over dinner and sees guests trying their hands at fingerprinting, hair and fibre analysis and whole host of other forensic activities.

Without team work, collaboration and communication skills – it’s safe to say you’re not going to get anywhere fast. As you demonstrate your competitive energy, you and your team get closer with each clue to solving the murder and winning the challenge. This is a brilliant event to host in tandem with a corporate meal. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events - Crime and Dine

Image Source: Crime & Dine

10.   Bear Grylls Survival Academy

The famed Bear Grylls Survival Academy takes you and your team on an incredible survival journey whilst you employ and harness extreme survival skills used not only by the legend himself, but in some of the most extreme and volatile environments on mother earth.

Lead by an experienced BGSA instructor, you and your team members are compelled to complete exhilarating physical and mental challenges. Let go and immerse yourself in this extremely adrenaline-fuelled survival encounter. Courage and determination will be required in heaps to complete this fun-filled course, and your team will come away with some expert team working skills, professional survival knowledge and best of all – life long memories to talk about for years to come. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events - Bear Grylls Survival ACademy

Image Source: Bear Grylls

Spine Tingling Team Building Events

11.     Escape the Box

Escape rooms & boxes have become a major success over recent years. Our Escape the Box team building event sees participants working through clues and correctly completing questions and challenges to unlock the next part of the game. There are effectively 12 stages, and you’re up against the clock so you need to move with haste. The team who embraces the most effective strategy and manages their time most efficiently will prevail as the winners.

Can you and your team work out how to reveal the hidden messages? Will you and your team be able to follow the secret directions left on the Dictaphone? Concentration and team work will make it possible as you race in this classic escape-box themed activity against time. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events - Escape The Box

Image Source: Escape Rooms

12.   Awakening the Dead

In this stimulating team building event, you will be greeted by a box full of unusual items, soon to discover it’s really a collection of leading clues taking you all the way back to the 70’s. Awakening the Dead is a truly unusual & unique experience where teams have to work together to investigate a crime.

Everyone will be entertained and captivated through a series of forensic challenges, allowing every participant from the team the opportunity to solve a case using evidence and clues ranging back to 1970. You will learn and employ the real life methods applied by the real life CSI’s. (Learn more)

Awakening The Dead Team Building Event - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: White Rhino

13.    Chocolatier’s Apprentice

This is possibly the only chocolate related challenge you will ever need to pay attention to, and coincidentally it’s our most popular and challenging cooking challenge! Everyone gets taught, to perfection, the techniques used for chocolate tempering, ganache making, dipping and finishing, and so much more. A project manager designated by each team will lead the branding, packaging, marketing and manufacturing aspects of over 100 chocolates.

It will then be down to the critics to award points on a range of topics, including creativity, taste, presentation, concept and possibly most importantly of all – the sales pitch. Challenging, stimulating and extremely tasty are a few words that spring instantly to mind. (Learn more)

Image Source: My Chocolate

14.    The Ultimate Team Building Event

Imagine if a leading events company hand-picked the most popular events and crammed them into one ultimate team building event. Oh wait, that’s already been done! We’ve gone and hand selected the most popular team building activities and conjoined them into one almighty and lovable event.

Teams visit different activity stations where they are tasked to accomplish part of a challenge. Teams have to communicate effectively in a short and limited hand-over period time slot, which enables to following team to continue with the project at hand. As you can imagine, there’s a bit of Chinese whispers at play here, so communication must be clear and effective! (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events - The Ultimate Team Building Event

Image Source: Payoo

15.   The Detective Experience

Have you ever fancied walking in the shoes of a police detective for a day? The Detective Experience allows you to do exactly that, in a highly unique, ground-breaking experience stemming from a thrilling, real-life inspired investigation.

Through a progression of forensic challenges you will be granted the opportunity to solve cases using actual methods employed by real life crime scene investigators. As a renowned crime-related team building organisation, we excel and step far ahead of the game with our crime events – so this is definitely way up there on the team building bucket list. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team building events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events - The Detective Experience

Image Source: Prospects AC

16.   The Spy Hunt

A number of challenges lay ahead in The Spy Hunt which will separate the professional spy from the eaves-droppers. You may never get the chance to become a spy in real life, so why not immerse yourself in this dreamy scenario which guarantees high involvement and high tech team building.

During The Spy Hunt, you and your team will be required to attempt a number of challenges to prove your worthiness as a spy. Decipher codes, excel at memory tests, show an eye for detail and go under the radar with secret document exchanges in a public space to demonstrate whether you’re worth your weight as a spy. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Spy Hunt - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: Seven Events

17.  Stop the Clocks

As insinuated by the name, this is a fast paced race against time. Exhilarated by the pressure of time, each team will be given a large clock that acts as their time. Everyone is then given a series of challenges to complete before their time runs out, separating those who display urgency from those who tick along at their own pace.

Your tasks will be revealed before the clock starts ticking, and in your best efforts as a team you must determine the quickest and most efficient way forward. This activity has a mammoth focus on team work, communication and problem solving skills – while the teams compete against each other to be ranked as leader on the scoreboard. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Stop The Clocks - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: Demon Wheelers

18.  Soap Box Derby

This head to head challenge will see teams facing each other to develop and construct the best race-ready self-propelled soap box derby car.

You and your team will be presented with blue prints and the materials and tools needed to begin constructing your 4-wheeled vehicle. Creativity, time management and ability to work well together are paramount ingredients whilst you’re put under pressure to win the soap box derby race at the end of the day. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Soap Box Derby - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: EDP

19.  Samba Drumming

Discover the musical side of your team with driving, energetic Latin rhythms. Samba percussion is one of the most popular team building events around as it demands so much attention and involvement from each participant. Anyone walking in with their shoulders shrugged will walk away dancing on the ceiling.

Get in touch with your inner creative drummer and occupy your mind with energy and fun whilst seeing and getting to know your team on an entirely different level. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Samba Drumming - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: Normans

20.  Rookie Detective

A murder or a theft has been committed and it is down to you and your beloved team members to find out who did it. Each team will be given 3 suspects (if you choose – these can be 3 of your colleagues). In order to solve the investigation, teams will enter the crime scene in their CSI suits and try their best to retrieve evidence and analyse it for fingerprints.

You will have to discern which suspect left their fingerprints on each bit of evidence. You’ll have to link that suspect to the crime by demonstrating a strong case, backed up with evidence while you piece together the investigation using forensic techniques used by real life CSI’s. FBI software will also be provided to create a photo fit of the criminal. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Rookie Detective - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: Flickr

Fun & Thrilling Team Building Events

21.  Rollercoaster

It’s all up to you and your team to work together and figure out the best way to construct pieces of a rollercoaster using only rods and cable ties. First of all, however, a series of fun and engaging challenges have been arranged for your leisure, all of which need to be completed in order to ‘earn’ your teams building materials.

There are strict building regulations and if not adhered to, you may experience some curve balls along the way and throughout the build – hence bringing an end to your rollercoaster journey. Once the track is assembled, the content begins.

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events - Rollercoaster

Image Source: Kaleidoscope

22.  Murder Mystery

Choose from a variety of contemporary and/or historical plots as you build your bespoke murder mystery event. If you want to leave all the planning to us, we’ll guarantee you a mind-blowing story line to dazzle your inquisitive nature.

Equipped with a bank of experienced actors and a writer who spent an astounding 10 years as a Scotland Yard Detective, you can expect nothing short of a night, day or weekend of unequalled murder and mystery. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Murder Mystery - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: Team Bonding

23.  Multi-activity Day

This is a hugely popular team building event as it permits you to design your very own personalised multi-activity day. Choosing from a variety of fun and exciting activities, such as Laser clay pigeon shooting, falconry, duck herding, crossbows and more – you and your team are guaranteed to be have nothing but fun for the entire event.

The multi-activity day is an engaging event that involve everyone in the team, leaving them with great memories of having had a fun-filled and memorable day. Get up, get out and enjoy a Multi-activity day. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events - Multi-activity Day

Image Source: E Days

24.  The Krypton Factor Challenge

The Kryptonite Factor team build is inspired by the thought-provoking, immensely popular and affectionately reminisced game show which combines quizzes, puzzles and physical challenges. Contestants will compete in a series of rounds that put their quizzing stamina and mental perseverance to the test. This is a great opportunity for you and your team members to show out of this world powers in an inordinate selection of mental arithmetic style tests.

Challenged with a series of brief head to head games, teams will swiftly learn the most effective route to working together under pressure. The team that grasps this concept the quickest will be the victors in The Krypton Challenge.

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Krypton Factor - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: Wikipedia

25.  It’s a Knockout!

What says ‘fun’ more than crazy costumes, huge inflatables, slippery slides and wacky races? That’s right – It’s a Knockout does, and there’s even enough foam to fill an Olympic swimming pool. This is team building at its biggest and best.

Expect lots of laughter and healthy competition as you and your team mates face off in this head to head, ultimate exciting challenge. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate - Its a knockout

Image Source: It’s a Knockout

26.  iPad Movie Making

You and your team members will be armed and equipped with an iPad and a state-of-the-art film editing suite. As the title informs, this is an iPad Movie Making contest to see who can come up with the best video production in the available given time.

Teams will have to nominate a producer that leads them through creating an exciting or educational script. Depending what theme has been selected to add a personable touch to your team build, and dependant on your set of objectives in relation to your theme – once the script is perfected – you will use a selection of props and costumes to create the most compelling and inspiring piece of videography that your team can muster.

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - iPad Movie Making - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: Exploramas

27.  In the Line of Duty

Did you ever watch the TV Programme? Well, now you can bring it to life in style and submerge your team in this hands on live investigation experience. Zip up your CSI suits and delve into this well designed police corruption investigation that is based on a true event involving identical twins. It is down to the teams to find out if the evidence is false or has been tampered with and piece together the investigation.

Run by expertly trained former Scotland Yard detectives and forensic experts, an adrenaline-charged experience awaits you and your team to investigate evidence. Amongst other things, you will perform the analysis of blood splatter patterns using digital microscopes and interview suspects. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - In The Line Of Duty - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: BBC One

28.  Haka Workshop

The Haka dance demonstrates unity and one team that’s working together. Strength and team work makes this the perfect event for your team to experience as one.

You will learn about the Maori tribe and their traditions before you move onto their famous dance. See the Haka being demonstrated live and then follow your instructors and learn it for yourselves. The Haka Workshop is not only fun, empowering, and uplifting – but it’s the ideal team building event for uniting and motivating your team. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events - Haka Workshop

Image Source: Oostende

29.  GPS Treasure Hunt

Learn, compete and explore with the GPS City Explorer. This is a unique and interactive team building event that enables you and your team to explore your chosen city in finer detail.

You will be armed with a tablet as your unfaltering tour guide whilst the city streets become your playground. Maps & scoreboards, photo video challenges and collaboration are a few things amidst the amusement on this jam-packed city-based team build.

Top 40 Team Building events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events - GPS Treasure Hunt City Explorer

Image Source: ACF

Unusual Team Building Events

30.  Get in the Zone

Are you a competitive little sausage? This is the one for you. Win as many points as you possibly can while competing in over 100+ high energy activities.

If you’re looking for an event that is full of engagement,  gets everyone laughing and has a competitive vibe at its core, then ‘Get in the Zone’ is positively the team building event for you. As with practically all of our events, this is an extremely flexible event meaning it can be hosted in most locations, meaning a location of your choice! (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Get in the Zone - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: Learn

31.  Generation Game

This is an exceptional way to add some excitement to your evening corporate event. The Generation game, based on the original fast, fun and funny show, follows the promise of being nothing short of entertaining. You will be delighted game after game, with something to suit every team members taste palette.

The Generation game consists of many different fun and sensational challenges including table tug, Saturday night fever, QVC and dance the Gangnam. This team build is designed to uplift spirits and create long lasting memories. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Generation Game - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: BBC Online

32.  DIY CSI

Have you ever fancied yourself as a crime investigator but are short of the time you’d need to put aside for an effective crime-based team building event? Well we’ve got the ideal package just for you. Enjoy the core elements from our award winning ‘The Killing’ in this self-delivery pack for a bona fide crime scene investigation experience.

Solve the investigation by getting into your CSI suits and completing a series of forensic challenges. Gaining the opportunity to solve cases through the actual methods that have been implemented by real crime scene investigators, too! There’s a good reason we keep winning awards for our crime based team builds! (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events - DIY CSI

Image Source: The Killing

33.  Crime Talks

If you’re looking for something completely authentic to integrate into a corporate dinner or conference, then look no further. Our Crime Talks are delivered by former Scotland Yard Detectives and host a range of engaging and enigmatic topics, such as Serial Killers, Psychopaths and Undercover Policing.

Our speakers are guaranteed to captivate your audience with their most challenging and compelling cases and crime stories that have been known to shake the Great British press. You and your team will be able to measure your, or your partners, psychopathy through a psychopath screening test! (Learn more)

Crime Talks - Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: Norwich Science Festival

34.  Cocktail Making

If flexibility is what you need, then we’ll bring the Cocktails!

This is a mobile team building activity, and comes with a wealth of flexibility. Your choice of venue, your choice of drinks, our choice of how to have a truly good time. Promote a fun and sociable team working atmosphere while attendees attempt to learn and perform new party tricks, techniques and knowledge.

Everyone will learn a new skill, use their creativity in heaps, and overall – boost morale and bond with their fellow team mates. Learn lots of different methods for creating cocktails and contribute your skill sets to the mystery cocktail making challenge. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events - Cocktail Making

Image Source: Revolution

35.  Choir Team Build

The Choir Team Build is delivered and presented by an expert musical director and crew. You and your team will need to work together, as a choir, to learn and produce two songs.

This is an extremely fun and uplifting experience for those who are familiar with music just as much as it is for those who sound like a squealing cat when they sing. Your talent doesn’t matter, as technique will prevail. No audition and no experience is needed as this team event has been purposely tailored to develop confidence, concentration and communication skills within a team.

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Choir Team Building - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: Sing and Inspire

36.  Game On!

If you took Celebrity Juice and mashed it together with Mastermind and Never Mind The Buzzcock’s – then you’d have one of our flagship team building events – Game On!

This is a game show mash up that consists of team challenges, individual contests and head to head competitions. A truly interactive and high energy experience awaits all of those who are looking forward to an unforgettable evening of entertainment. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Game On

Image Source: Wrike

37.  Charity Bike Build

Whether you’ve got specific goals or want to just have fun together, as a team, the Charity Bike Build team event incorporates the most important key elements to deliver high team performance.

At its core, this event helps team members with understanding roles, trust, setting objectives and committing to the plan and implementation that naturally leads to higher levels of performance.

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Charity Bike Build - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: Charity Bike Build

38.  Big Picture

Initially, you’ll be working in small groups whilst you and your team earn your paint materials. To do so, you’ll need to complete an assortment of amusing and entertaining challenges. Once you’ve been decorated with your painting materials, things start to get very colourful as you and your team work together to create an enormous, giant-sized Big Picture painting.

This is an exceptionally collaborative and pleasing team build that challenges each participant to pay attention to every detail by drawing to scale and mixing the correct colour shades to bring your masterpiece to life! (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - The Big Picture - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: Catalyst

39.  Bake That!

Avoid penalties by being the master baker. No soggy bottoms or collapsing cakes! Teams will have to work together under pressure and pay close attention to detail when perfecting their baked goods.

This is a perfect team building event for anyone who’s been lightly inspired by Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off. The guarantee of a stimulating and sensational team building event which leaves your team in high spirits with great memories to talk about for years to come. Oh yeah, there’s lots of cake too! (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Bake That! - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: All 4

40.  No Ordinary Quiz

This is, hands down, one of the most popular evening team building activities around. During this captivating team build, you get to choose rounds that best suit your team and enjoy yourself a fun and interactive evening. Expect video clips, audio clips and activities that are guaranteed to get everyone involved.

Each round lasts around 10 minutes, making this event perfect to deliver in between courses at your evening event or corporate meal. (Learn more)

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - No Ordinary Quiz - Right Angle Corporate Events

Image Source: Zing

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