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Every personality has a colour – what colour will yours be? Find out with our Personality Profiles.

We all know that colours represent certain feelings. Usually green is relaxing, blue is cool, red is anger, yellow is…well whatever yellow makes you feel, you get the idea. However, what if I told you your personality had a colour too and it changes depending on the situation you’re in? Personality Profiles gives participants the opportunity to find out more about themselves.

Yes you are probably thinking I am talking nonsense and that personalities are colourless, but then again you have heard of being green with envy. There is actual science behind it though, from the mind of renowned Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, whose work is taught to psychology students the world over.

Jung created a personality test based on 4 key colours: red, and blue, yellow and green. This test has become a staple component of team building, team development, leadership sessions and personal development in the workplace.

Right Angle offer a really simple, quick online personality test which comprises of scenario specific questions. They ask you how likely or unlikely you are to do something in that situation focusing on your ‘normal’ working environment and your ‘stress’ working environment.

Perfect For Team Development 

Companies looking to improve their team development can use this test to highlight employees’ key strength and weakness areas as well as giving the whole team a greater knowledge of your colleagues’ capabilities.

A report is then made showing your colour preferences and provides an analysis showing how you actually react in situations compared to how you believe you do. Of course with all tests the results can be very different to what you think they should be. Your ‘personality colour’ can be a single standout colour, a mixture of two or more colours and in some cases can be a mixture of several colours, leading to some interesting and introspective results. We always recommend combining the Personality Profiles with our facilitated sessions. This will see guests working through a series of interactive activities to learn about colours and how best to work with them.

Reactions To the Results 

However, in the interests of openness and entertainment, we have decided to show you some of the reactions the Right Angle team had when asked about their own colour test results.

Seeing as I talked them into doing this, I will go first.

Matt, do you feel your results are an accurate reflection of your personality when you’re stressed?

“Absolutely! If you asked me to describe myself when stressed then the results are exactly what I would say. It is an interesting look into your own personality and can highlight areas of your working persona.”

Lauren, did your colours surprise you or were they what you were expecting? 
“Revisiting this questionnaire I am pleasantly surprised about my results, especially when under pressure at in a working environment. This is such a rewarding experience because not only is it a fascinating self-study, but it also helped me as an individual to look at areas I can improve my working life. I would recommend it to anyone!”

Jane, did you feel your profile was an accurate representation of you?
“Yes, I definitely recognise lots of the traits in myself that the report says about me!”

Ellie, what was the first thing that came into your mind when you saw your colour results?
“My colour came back as charcoal. My first thought was so what does that make me then? I am almost perfectly 25% of each category getting the best and worst trait of all of them. Even for those who aren’t sure on their traits, this test is able to flex and relate to everyone.”

Daisy, what did you think of your highlighted traits under stress/pressure?  
“Extremely accurate and very funny! Although, not proud of these traits! LOL”

Lizzy, do you think your normal working colour is a fair reflection of how you see yourself?
“Absolutely, it was so interesting reading what the test thought about me. It was so accurate it was a little scary, I couldn’t believe that such a simple set of questions could give me such a precise answer! It did say: ‘You could also have mischievous side’ which is pretty spot on! I have done other personality tests in the past, and this has been far the most interesting for me.”

A Valuable Tool

As you can see, everyone had differing answers but one theme ran throughout; everyone found it an interesting self-evaluation tool that highlighted key personality areas.

The colour personality test is a valuable tool for teams who are looking to see which employees work well during business situations, such as who are best during emotive circumstances, or thrive under pressure to those who are more likely to stand up and take charge when a leader is needed. There are not “good” or “bad” personalities, it’s just working with different traits at different times!

If you think your team could benefit from taking part in our Personality Profiles Sessions, which includes the test (and we think every office should try it once) then click here to book yours today.

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