Whether it’s to start off the day the right way or a much-needed break from a relentless day of meetings and conferences, our 7 energisers for your team are perfect to gain your team’s attention and raise their energy levels.

Energisers – What’s the Big Deal?

Conference getting a bit heavy? Why not strategically place an energiser as part of your schedule just as energy levels begin to drop?

Encourage collaboration whilst your team bond over a fun and immersive experience whilst also getting the blood pumping around their bodies which allows them to take in information better and retain it for longer!

Take a look through our 7 energisers for your team and find the perfect way to fire up your staff at the next company conference.

Worried About Time Restraints? 

Don’t worry about taking away time from the ‘important stuff’, we can offer short and snappy energisers starting from 15 minutes long. 

We have a whole host of activities ranging from quick 15 minutes up to 60 minutes, the perfect amount of time to get your team pumped and motivated but also won’t take out a massive chunk of your day! These shorter team experiences are a perfect fit for any event itinerary. Choose the activity length and experience to suit your day!

Cracked It!

Cracked It Case

Fast-paced and immersive, this prison-themed escape room style activity will have teams working against the clock. Your skills set will be pushed to the limit with a range of puzzles and conundrums including code-cracking, riddle-solving and more. Can your team hit the ground running and escape from prison?

Board Breaking

board breaking team building

Board breaking is about planning ahead and the satisfaction of achieving something different. Breaking through a board with your barrier written on it with your bare hands is a very powerful feeling! Ideal as a powerful motivation tool. You can’t help but end up feeling enthused.

Haka Workshop 

Top 40 Team Building Events in the UK - Right Angle Corporate Events - Haka Workshop

Fun, empowering and uplifting activity, ideal for uniting and motivating your team. Learn about this cultural Maori tribal dance, see the Haka being demonstrated live then follow the workshop and learn it yourselves. This activity is perfect for groups looking to re-energise after lunch or as an initial icebreaker before an event!

What If We Only Have a Short Time To Fill?

If you’re still concerned about an energiser taking up too much time then fear not! We have team energisers that are designed to maximise energy and attention and still take up less time than an episode of Eastenders.

No matter how big or small your team is, we have energisers to suit your team size. All of our energisers can be scaled up or down to suit your needs.

Energisers in 30 Minutes or Less

7 energisers for your team

The Movie Pitch
(15-30 mins)

Participants are split into teams, who must come up with an original idea for a new movie. They must then “pitch” the movie as if they were in front of the owners of a major Hollywood studio, getting members of their team to act out the scenes as they describe them.

Human Bingo
(15-20 mins)

This is a fun twist on the classic game. Instead of numbers, you need to check off activities and challenges! Examples are Beatboxing, Breakdancing, Human Instrument, 10 Press Ups etc. This gets people to mingle, as they can only get one person to do each task (the same person cannot do more than one task for another person). It is also high energy!

Picture Perfect
(15-45 mins)

A quintessential communication exercise as teams are tasked with recreating a masterpiece via the medium of whispers. Great to get people on their feet, encouraging creativity, communication, teamwork and planning.

Let’s Get Rhythmical 
(20-30 mins)

A rhythm challenge designed to energise and inspire – great for promoting a one-team, collaborative message. The event begins with delegates discovering a coloured pair of rubber gloves, with each colour representing a different rhythm for them to follow. Using body percussion to energetic and hilarious effect, each rhythm will be built into the others until the ‘hand orchestra’ is in full swing…

Whether it is a small company event, to a large multi-site event, we have the perfect energisers for you.

We can incorporate conference themes into all our energisers such as working together and unity, to get your group thinking about company aims and values.

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