High Performing Team

Lasts for 2 ½ - 3 hours. All members of the team “grade” 20, High Performing Team areas of excellence.

All the results are collated giving the team leader a clear picture of how to move forward. There are interactive sessions designed to improve the team. The team agree a way forward. Finally, there is a short experience linked to High Performance colleagues, all of which reconstructs your team as a High Performance Team.

Why Focus on Team Development?

Team Development enables members to perform at a high level and remain as high performers. This brings with it success, achievement, efficiency and excellent interpersonal relationships. With some simple interventions your team development will be something you and your team will be proud of.

Talk to a Team Development Specialist


Where is your team now and how are the performing? If you cannot measure it, you shouldn’t be doing it!


Our experts will analyse how the team is performing against similar industries and professions. A report will be given to the team leader.


During an interactive session with colleagues, we facilitate short focused activities centred on making the team solid, high performing and resilient.

Experiential Activities

Following the first three stages, clients will undertake one of our award winning activities which will further cement and bond team development for your team