Personality Profile Team Experiences

How you behave at work and the study of yourself is the most interesting of human studies. In addition, knowledge of your colleague’s behaviour will help the team understand their capabilities, strengths and preferences.

Personality Tests are based on Carl Jung’s personality colours; Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. In just 10 minutes, these assessments provide transparent clues and indications as to how people act in the workplace in different situations. A report is then collated showing colour preferences of that individual and an analysis is provided showing how the person actual reacts in situations compared to how they perceive themselves. This can be facilitated or self-delivered.

More About Colour Personality

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Behaviour is a choice and can be measured monitored and changed. Self-awareness leads to greater confidence and a better relationship with your colleagues

Great Colleagues and Customers

How well do you really know your colleagues, customers and managers? Personal Profile Assessments (PPA) are ideal to move your company forward and stay there.

Normal or Stress

The assessment of behaviour allows us to deeply appreciate people’s preferences and how to keep them in their element.

Evaluation Profile

You and your team will instantly receive a detailed assessment showing your colour preferences. You may be surprised!