The Brief

Guests: 75
Full Day Event, Brighton
Looking for a team activity that encourages effective communication.


The Solution

Morning Activity: The Killing
This hands-on team building experience will see you pushing boundaries and testing yourself while you open your eyes to the challenges faced by Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators. The Killing, an event created and designed by Ex-Scotland Yard Detectives, is the most thrilling and immersive team building experience there is.

Afternoon Activity: Crystal Challenge
In teams you will compete against each other in an exhilarating mix of physical and mental challenges to win as many crystals as possible. The finalists will enter the grand crystal dome and the team with the most gold tickets will win the Crystal Challenge.

We caught up with Olivia Bryant-Shaw from BSO about why they chose to have a team building event and what the outcomes were.

Right Angle Corporate - Crime Scene Investigation Team Building Event

What were you looking to achieve with your event? 

We wanted to strengthen employee relationships, introduce new employees to the rest of the BSO team in a fun and interactive way, challenge the employees to think about how they work in a team (that should reflect on to their daily working lives).

How did the activities hit your objectives?

“They not only hit our objectives but exceeded our expectations” Relationships were strengthened, and the entire BSO team came together to work with each other and encourage each other to have fun.

Why did you consider team building and team development in the first place?

It’s a highly important component in our business and individuals work in different departments as well as different countries, and we wanted to remind them they are part of a big team and need to support each other in everyday business.

What was the very best bit of your event?

I couldn’t highlight an exact point and both events were very different. The Killing challenged us to get to know how others work, whereas the Crystal Challenge encouraged us to rely on each other to complete each task. Both encouraged communication which is vital to our business.

Right Angle Corporate - CSI Team Building Activity

How did the team respond to the event? Any comments from them?

All positive feedback, with many saying it was their favourite part of the week.

Any advice you would give to people wanting to do something similar?

I would say to take a chance on a task. You may think that your colleagues might not enjoy it, or struggle to do it, but you’ll be surprised. It was a fantastic event, with many challenges but so much fun for our team, that we’ll definitely use Right Angle again, without question.

The Feedback

“We thought the event was excellent. It ran smoothly, was highly enjoyable, and met all of our expectations. The team were kind, helpful and professional, and our team couldn’t be happier. We would definitely use them again and would highly recommend both ‘The Killing’ and ‘Crystal Challenge’ activities.”
– Olivia Bryant-Shaw, BSO

Want to learn more?

If you would like to enquire about our unusual and unique The Killing CSI Experience or Crystal Challenge and how we can tailor this event to your needs, speak to one of our expert Account Managers today. Call us on 0207 1676 717.


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