Big Piano Jingle at Christmas

The BIG Piano is a high-intensity, unique and engaging way of bringing people together. It can be run in different ways to suit team building, evening events and promotions.

The size is variable from 4 metres to a whopping 7 metres long. The piano can be played by 1 - 10 people at a time. Made by a Mad Professor, this is the only one of its kind and, at its full length, is the longest walk on floor piano in the world! As seen on Blue Peter and Strictly Come Dancing and played by Tom Hanks himself with Sandra Bullock on The Jonathan Ross Show!

Award Winning Team Building Experiences

Our mission is to provide team focused experiences that are distinctive, inspiring, memorable and engaging. We offer team building and team development events designed to fit your aims and objectives.


Fits into large and small venues, and all types of spaces, great if you don’t have much room.

Perfect 'add-on' activity

A great activity to have as a side activity as a Christmas Party. Works well with a variety of other activities such as photo booths and silent discos.

Fun for all types of people

From the musical, to the very non-musical. People of every age will want to have a go


Our big piano Jingle appears on the Jonathan Ross show and was played by Tom Hanks!