Football fans at a game -
Planning a football match is the same as planning an event



Planning the security and policing for the match

The very first thing you do is estimate the attendance. This is done by how popular the team are, or how well the team is doing in the league/world cup etc. Ticket sales on the day and the number of season ticket holders also help with attendee estimation. You really do have to take into consideration how many people will be there, to then be able to work out how many police and stewards you are going to need.

Transport considerations are crucial. If there is a particular team, and they are playing a team that are travelling a long distance for the game, things to consider are; traffic, parking, public transport routes. You will need to liaise (if you are in London for example) before the match with Met Police, TFL and British Transport Police. They will all need to communicate. Constant communication with all of the different parties involved, there is a much more cohesive approach to the safety and success of the event.

Travel and Drills

The transport links and all of the parking needs to be policed, even before the match has started. Officers often are preparing days, weeks and, for the World Cup, months ahead.

Many of the stadiums now have terrorism/security training and drills before the match. One example of this is when the stadium hide a “dummy explosive” prior to a match, and the stadium won’t open until it has been recovered.

If there is something unusual or different going on, teams will physically go and “walk the route” to check for anything that was missed in the planning, looking out at the CCTV cameras to see the ebb and flow of crowds.

Crowds move in waves, and there are certain flows that can be predicted. By looking at these, the stewards and security teams are able to plan exit routes and emergency escape plans.

The paramount thing of importance, from a policing point of view, is the safety and enjoyment of the attendees, which is actually very similar to any large scale event.

How They Are Similar

Within any football game, or corporate event/festival/team building event, the most important thing from a planning perspective, is the safety. You want to match the aims and objectives of the client with the most appropriate activity, which is going to be safe and successful for them.

From an events agency point of view, the client shouldn’t even need to think about the safety as we ensure whatever we are doing is risk assessed and suitable.

Similarly to the planning and implementation of a football match, in a corporate event it is important that all of the stakeholders are involved. In corporate events, you need to speak to the client, the hotel or venue, the events agency, any specialists being bought in, equipment providers all the way to grounds teams or catering staff (depending on the event).

In terms of venues, they should all have their own emergency procedures in place, and have an understanding of the risk factors.

Right Angle’s Directors, Steve and Kate Gaskin, have over 50 years of experience in the police force. Drawing from their experience in policing and coordinating large public events such as Notting Hill Carnival, music festivals and football matches, the team are able to have a fresh approach to events without stifling the fun aspects of our amazing events. This gives Right Angle the ability to produce and coordinate safe events which is something we are exceptionally proud of.

As well as delivering spectacular team building events, we can provide additional advice, training, security staff and event managers for high profile events if required. Right Angle Corporate  provides excellent events, as reflected in the hundreds of 5 star reviews on our Trustpilot. Contact us today to find out more about our events and services:

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