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If your team is engaged and happy, productivity will rise


Here at Right Angle Corporate we know the importance of working together as a team. Not only do team building activities increase employee engagement, but they also help to ensure that leadership within a team runs smoothly too.

For a business to be a successful, one of the most important things is that you make money; no clients means no sales means no profits, which means no business. The way that you can make sure that you make money and keep your customers happy, is through nurturing your staff, but how can you encourage them to be more productive in their day to day working?

You may be surprised to learn that employee engagement may be the answer that you are searching for.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is the commitment that an employee has to their employer. This could be emotional or purely on a functional basis. But one thing is for sure, in order to get the most for your business, you need to make sure that you have a team behind you who is committed to achieving your shared goals.

Why is it important?

Research conducted by Dale Carnegie shows that in the USA, those companies who keep up with their employee engagement have staff that outperform those without a good level of employee engagement by as much as 202%. This is enough to show, just why employee engagement is vital for your business.

That said, it seems that employee interest is something that businesses could improve, with as many as 71% of employees not feeling fully engaged, as per the results of this study.

The three main factors that drive employee engagement

When it comes to employee commitment, there are three main factors that can drive this forward. Around 80% of staff that stated they were dissatisfied with their current line manager, also showed low levels of engagement with their employer.

Another reason why staff were disengaged with the company was down to their belief, or lack of, in the senior leadership. As many as 70% of employees who said that they lacked confidence in the senior leadership driving their business forward, were also those who showed a lack of commitment to working hard for their employers.

Finally, pride was an important factor within employee interest. 54% of employees that felt proud of the company that they worked for and the impact that this company has on society as a whole, were engaged. They wanted to work hard for the company and wanted to drive it forward to ensure that their goals were met.

As you can see, employee engagement is something that any business should be focused on. By focusing on this you can ensure that you have a productive workforce who come into work every day, ready to complete tasks and help you to become the success that you want to be.

Why not increase your employee productivity with a team building activity?


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