Have you ever seen a cat fixate on something at the table? They stare and stare until eventually, they have to knock it off. Humans are much the same; both are innately curious. When it comes to problem-solving, someone is faced with a problem and they have to solve it. It’s like being presented with a button that says “DO NOT PUSH”, but will happen if I push it? I have to find out. Curiosity is an integral part of human nature and therefore gives people the right starting conditions for success in problem-solving. Well, that and the need for bragging rights that everyone secretly craves!

So why should you Strengthen the Problem-Solving Skills of Your Team? Well, the short answer is businesses face problems, scenarios and obstacles on a daily basis and having a staff that can help alleviate and navigate those things will be a major asset to you.

The Detective

But acquiring these skills shouldn’t have to feel like work. Putting yourself in a situation, even a fictional one, where you have to think creatively will help you develop the same mindset in your everyday life.

We have put together our must-try problem solving team activities that are guaranteed to test your skills and encourage collaboration

Problem Solving Team Activities

The Killing (Solve A Murder!)

What could be better for a problem-solving task than solving a murder! For our award-winning CSI experience event, you’ll be analysing fingerprints, looking at ballistics, hair and fibre and blood and much more. This is all whilst wearing a stunning forensic suit in a mock crime scene developed by two ex-Scotland Yard detectives.

Crystal Challenge - Right Angle Corporate Events Team Building

Crystal Challenge (Mental and Physical Tasks)

A bit more of a light-hearted one, our Crystal Challenge is based on the ‘90s game show and involves challenges that will test both your brain and physical skills so there is an activity for everyone! It’s all about the teamwork and collaboration to complete the challenged and earn the tokens. Energetic and memorable, this event can be adapted to allow teams to take part, whatever the weather!

Problem Solving Team Activities

Cracked It! (Escape Room Style)

Our newest experience offers an immersive race against the clock to problem-solve your way out prison! Your skills set will be pushed to the limit with a range of puzzles and conundrums including code-cracking, riddle-solving and more. Not only this, but you are also trying to work out who the “corrupt” prison guard is. Do you have what it takes to break out? Your time starts now!

Problem Solving Team Activities

Taken (Kidnap Scenario)

Picture this, your CEO has been kidnapped! And your job? Get them back. This event was a finalist for a Team Building Event of the Year Award and requires a very special set of skills. You need to be smart, covert and savvy and teams must act quick using surveillance tactics to meet informants, track suspects and rescue the victim before it’s too late!

Tap into your hidden potential and uncover your problem-skilling ability with these amazing event opportunities! In the process, you’ll discover how diverse you can be through teamwork, collaboration and cooperation. If you want to know more about what we offer, then check out our website below. For any enquiries about getting it booked, get in touch by clicking the button below.

So what is the overall goal? Problem solving team activities can be an exciting and interactive way to further develop and use these skills, in a fun, out of office context. If you think this is something your team might benefit from, then we have some absolute crackers for you!

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