Think Team Building Is Just For Big Companies?

There can sometimes be a misconception that team building only works for companies with hundreds of staff, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Team building can be highly successful and a whole lot of fun with teams as small as 3! (we have done this on several occasions). We regularly work with Senior Executive teams on away days and team experiences. 

The core elements of team building – increasing communication, team cohesion, getting to know your colleagues better and building stronger team foundations – are just as applicable (and some may argue more so) in smaller teams.

So what better way to show those of you who might be on the fence about trying team-building with your team, than showcasing you three of our most effective team building activities for smaller companies.

All of our experiences are scalable and tailored to you and your companies aims and objectives, meaning you will always get the full experience regardless of team size.

Small team building activities are suitable for small internal teams and departments, senior management teams, executive teams, or small companies.

Some of the top benefits of small team away day team building include:

* Immersive Fun *
* Greater Team Communication *
* Reward Staff *
* Get Colleagues Working Together *

3 Amazing Small Team Events For Your Next Away Day

Killing Image

The Killing

Delve into the murky world of crime and investigate a murder. Analyse & test a range of clues bringing you closer to the suspect. Dust for fingerprints, look at ballistics, hair & fibre, blood & much more to see if you can identify the culprit!

Challenger Image team building for smaller teams

The Challenger

In this fast-paced, task-a-minute event, teams will go head to head to complete as many challenges and gain as many points as possible in just 1 hour. Physical, mental, general knowledge, patience and creativity are all needed in this team building experience that will test everyone

Taken Image team building for smaller teams

Taken Kidnap Experience

Your task is simple – rescue your kidnapped CEO! However, between you and your daring rescue is a ruthless extortion ring – World Without End, who taunt and confuse you every step of the way.

However, if you prefer something a little shorter, why not try one of Team Energisers. These fast-paced, highly entertaining team activities last no more than an hour and are all about packing in as much as possible and can fit into a lunch break. 

The Energisers

Samba Drumming 

With its driving and energetic rhythms, Samba Drumming is guaranteed to produced block-rocking beats and laughter amongst your team. 

Cracked It!

Fast-paced and immersive, this prison-themed escape room style activity will have teams working against the clock to escape jail, it’s not as easy as you think…

Board Breaking

Board Breaking is all about having the satisfaction of smashing a board with your bare hands. Unleash your inner Bruce Lee in this energetic event!

Still undecided if team-building is right for your team, not a problem. Why not chat to one of our awesome Experience Team today and get a better idea of what we can offer you. Or if you want to browse all our events, simply click below.

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