Krypton Factor Team Experience

Prepare yourself for a blast from the past with our high-energy, competitive and challenging Krypton Factor! Teams will go head-to-head in various challenges until the grand finale - The legendary Krypton Factor Assault Course.

Krypton Factor Team Experience brings back a truly loved TV program and turned it into a fantastic team building event, packed with hilarious challenges! There is something for everyone in this experience, from general knowledge quizzes, physical challenges, brain busters and observation rounds. You will need every member of your team to compete at the highest level.

More About Krypton Factor

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Six Challenging Areas

Intelligence, General Knowledge, Response, Observation, Mental Agility and Physical Ability

Ultimate Assault Course Finale

If your team gets through to the final you will be faced with the assault course! Do you have what it takes to complete it?

Mental or Physical - We have it!

This event has something for everyone so those who may not want to run about can still be fully integral to their team's victory!

Ideal Summer Event

Get outside the office and running around inflatable assault courses in the glorious sunshine (shorts are mandatory!)