Real Life Christmas Clu D’oo

The legendary Dr Jonathan Black has been found murdered at Tudor Mansion. It is now your task to try and solve who really did kill him, where they did it and how they did it.

With a forensic twist on the classic game you must prove who murdered Dr Black! Three possible suspects have been identified. Professor Plum Smith a long-term acquaintance of Dr Black, Ms Scarlett Smith according to her mobile phone, has been in regular communication with Dr Black, and Colonel Mustard-Coleman was working at Tudor Mansions on a restoration project. Your job is to take on an investigative role of both a Police Officer and a Crime Scene Investigator. Remember to keep an open mind. You will be guided through this exciting experience and provided with all materials needed to complete your investigation. From fingerprinting to FBI Photo fits guests will be completely immersed in this engaging experience.

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The Game

Based on the original board game

The Clues

Was it the candle stick or perhaps the revolver, you must solve who and with what


This isn’t about guessing, use forensics to prove who murdered Dr Black

With Food

This experience is perfect around a meal