Sustainable Cooking Team Building

Are you looking for a sustaining team building activity that is exciting & hands on? Our pop-up cookery experience is perfect!

Teams need to plan and cook dishes that have minimal impact on the environment! The selection of ingredients will be a key part of the activity as we will be looking for the best value and quality of cooked dishes with waste being deducted from the final score. Let the challenge begin.

More About Sustainable Cooking

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Pop-up Cook School

We bring absolutely everything to this event, including the kitchen sinks! This means this experience can be hosted in almost any venue in Europe. The team running this cooking team building activity are all professionally trained chefs.

Environmental Impact

Whilst still being lots of fun, we will focus on the environmental impact of the produce we use and also the waste it can leave behind. Teams will be judged on not only the great food created but also the waste left at the end of the event.

Mystery Ingredients

Teams must work with our "mystery ingredients", including some weird and wonderful ugly fruit and veg that tastes out of this world. The selection of ingredients will be a key part of the activity.

Carbon Footprint Cooking

Our chefs will be observing teams as they cook, taking notes on food preparation and the power consumption used to cook the dishes, we will offer creative ideas to help them reduce their carbon footprint.