Ever been in a job and wanted more money? Then realised the only way you will get more money is by being promoted and getting more responsibility. You don’t get anything for nothing in life as we all know of course!

So, you get promoted and you get the nice title of ‘Manager’ to add to your email signature. You feel proud and slightly more important than you did yesterday. You probably tell your mum you are the boss.

This euphoria may last a little while and then, of course, that extra responsibility settles in and you start to feel a little out of your depth. You may get to a point where you feel completely out of your depth.

You attend meetings and have no idea what everyone is talking about and then shrink as the attention turns to you and everything seems to be your fault. One of your team, a friend and desk buddy no less, comes to see you with a problem. Not to discuss as you always used to, but to solve for them. And they are insistent and it’s your fault now if it doesn’t get sorted.

You struggle with the job and your old desk friends start to resent you as their issues are now your fault and you don’t know how to make things better. When your team don’t perform you step right into the firing line and you cannot get them to improve and no longer look forward senior team meetings.

It may even be that the jobs board becomes attractive and you wonder how you got here. You loved your job and the company you work for and now you no longer enjoy the weekends as you know Monday is coming. The money just doesn’t seem worth it now.

This is all too common a problem in organisations as when they promote, they may not always align that to development of the person in line with that role. You are expected to know how to manage yourself and a team of people to achieve things. These people were your friends but are all motivated differently with a selection of personalities. You know them, but now don’t understand them.

This is why people development is so important in business as we cannot know what we do not know. If you have not been taught how to manage, the effective forms of communication, resolving conflict, how to lead and the differences between leadership and management, what motivates people, time management and the importance of it and a number of other all-important skills you are more likely to fail then you are to succeed. And it absolutely won’t be your fault.

An organisation that does not develop the people it employs will not retain the best talent it could produce as they will be poorly managed out of the business and never reach their full potential there. If the business has a higher recruitment budget than training and development then that business likely has a problem.

At Right Angle, we meet Accidental Managers. Good organisations spot the issues and signs and manage the development of their people to prevent this. It doesn’t have to be a cost that will not balance positively against the outcome and value of a developed asset in those people.

And as we operate across both team building and team development, we are able to offer a more robust package of improvement.

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