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Christmas is over, the New Year is in full swing and for those who had the joy of sorting out the work’s Christmas party, you may be glad to see the back of it…and then you get to do it all over again. So we want to make things easier for you, and put together this guide to give you the perfect work Christmas party in London. 

When it comes to staff Christmas parties for businesses, the amount of planning, costing and time spent ensuring that everything runs smoothly up until the last guest leaves can be a massive drain on time and resources, not to mention the stress involved (especially if you have a lot of staff).

One of the most effective and easiest ways to ensure that not only do you get your precious time back during the festive period, but also get to enjoy that stress-free Christmas party you dream of, is to let us take care of everything.

What do you mean everything? 

Ok, let’s break it down into sections for you. Christmas parties and festive team building events, in general, can be broken down into the following areas:

  • Finding the right venue
  • Creating the perfect theme
  • Ensuring the event is run smoothly
  • Everyone has a great time

Each of the sections above requires a differing degree of skills and time spent on it and you have better things to be doing than chasing round looking for the perfect venue for 400 guests. We have teams dedicated and specialising in all of the above, so let me show you why we can give you a stress-free Christmas for 2020.

Finding the Perfect London Venue

Venue Image work christmas party london

Ensuring you have the perfect venue for your staff party can be a daunting task. You have to ensure that not only is it in the right location, big enough to hold all of your guests, catering, dance floor and parking but it is suitably glamorous (after all nobody wants a work Christmas party in a village hall 100 miles from their offices.)

We have extensive knowledge of venues across the UK and into Europe to fit all budgets and capacity sizes, so no matter how many people you want at your event (we have worked with capacities of 500+) we will be able to help.

Below are 3 stunning venues to suit different business sizes that offer something very different from the standard office party, because when it comes to your work Christmas party you want to make an impression to everyone who attends!

Large Company Parties
(250+ attendees)

Garden Rooms -Barbican
Image Source: The Barbican

If you are looking for a truly unique location for your work Christmas party in London, with a variety of spaces to suit, look no further than The Barbican.

Located in walking distance from Barbican, St Paul’s and Moorgate stations, this brutalist designed venue is guaranteed to wow all those who walk through its doors, giving you a very special work Christmas party.

The venue offers 12 different spaces including the gorgeous Garden Rooms described as, “a stunning catering area with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Barbican Lakeside, St Giles Church and the cityscape of London“. which can hold 280 for a sit-down dinner event.

Medium-Sized Company Parties
(over 100 attendees)

Image Source: Tower Bridge

If you are looking for that really special location for your work Christmas party that has the stature, that je ne sais quoi, and is unrivalled in London, then you have to look at the award-winning Tower Bridge London (yes we really mean THAT Tower Bridge).

Giving a truly unique view of London, Tower Bridge offers it’s high-level venue Walkways, with its panoramic views of London and the Thames and a glass floor that makes you feel like you are floating above the river, this space will make a statement to your guests! The Walkways’ accommodate up to 120 seated and 250 standing guests giving you plenty of space to hold that end of year work party.

Small-Sized Company Parties
(Under 50 attendees)

If you have a smaller company do not be fooled into thinking you cannot enjoy the glitz and glamour of amazing venue spaces in London! We have saved one of the best in London for you! Mrs Fogg’s Dockside Drinkery and Distillery is one of the cosiest, intimate venue spaces, offering a very special experience.

So what makes this venue stand out? In their own words: “Anchored next to the Drinkery is the life-size Rangoon Steamer. Complete with beautiful curtained compartments and equipped with its own bar, passengers can board the ship and step back in time onto the Steamer that Aouda and Phileas Fogg entered London on themselves.”

You can enjoy your work Christmas party in complete luxury and in a location mere minutes from Liverpool Street Station and offers multi-sized spaces offering room for up to 60 guests onboard the steamer.

Creating the Perfect Themed Party

Theming Image for work christmas party london

Everyone loves a themed party, whether you want a Winter Wonderland, a James Bond Casino Royale or you really think this is the year you go full I’m A Celebrity Jungle Party, getting the theming right for a party can be troublesome, especially when you try and find a 10 ft palm tree or a life-like cut out of Daniel Craig!

Really bring your work Christmas party to life with the right theme. We offer over 20 different themed party options, complete with props and dressing as well as every little extra including :

  • Wonderland
  • Hollywood
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Greatest Show
  • 1920’s Gatsby
  • Vegas Casino
  • Masquerade 
Event Manager Image

Managing the Christmas Event on the Day

There is no doubt that having to oversee the event on the day is a lot like herding cats. No matter how much you try and ensure everything runs smoothly, there will likely be something that goes astray. Alongside this, and most importantly you, you’ve worked hard to enjoy the party with your colleagues and don’t want to be worrying if the wine has run out.

That is where we can really take the stress out of your party. We offer highly-experienced event managers to ensure that not only does your work Christmas party run smoothly, but that you get to enjoy it as well. After all, what is the point of making everything perfect if you don’t get to enjoy it as well! They will coordinate all logistics, set-up and pack down of your event, make sure that the venue is looking after your guests and be the first point of contact should situations that arise.

Host A Team Building Image

Team Building Before The Party

Do you really want to get your staff into a party mood before you unveil your amazing standout main event for them? Why not give them something fun and also helps create togetherness and cohesion before they let their hair down with one of our award-winning team building events?

CSi scene work christmas party london

Whether you want to see if they can solve a murder (which can be bespoke) with our Killing CSI Event, challenge body and mind with our Indoor Crystal Challenge or really get fired up with our popular Board Breaking experience, we can offer something for your staff that will have them talking about it all through the night and the next day! 

So What is There Left to Do? 

Once you have us take care of all of the above, all that is left for you to do is simply kick back and enjoy the day, after all, you’ve earned it! 

Speak with us today to get your company’s Christmas event for 2020 all sorted and wrapped up and then revel in the knowledge you’ve just given your staff and colleagues the perfect Christmas gift for all their hard work over the year.

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