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Below we will take a look at Virtual Reality & The Events Industry. To be more precise; we’re going to look deeper into how Virtual Reality can enhance your team building events and user experience and what implications you may need to look out for.

Be Prepared

It is important to mention that whilst Virtual Reality can enhance your event, we must remember that technology can have an adverse effect if it excludes your audience or delegates in any way, shape or form.

If you are planning to incorporate virtual reality into your event, there are a range of things that your attendees would need, the first and main one being a headset. The prices for these do depend on the quality you choose with the most expensive being devices such as HTC Vive. There is a more affordable version which is a cardboard device with a frame and a pair of lenses that you slide a smartphone into. Along with headsets, attendees will also need headphones to be able to hear the sounds and have the full experience.

Crime Scenes in Virtual Reality

We’re so excited to announce that our Team Building Event, “The Killing” now has an incredible new feature, Virtual Reality. Step into our VR Crime Scene’s or explore our Crime Scene in Dolls House View.

This new innovation puts the “Team Building Event of the Year” ahead of the game. The perfect way to combine new technology with team building, whilst having a great time! The Killing is now the most immersive team building event there is!

360 Degree Video Is Next

360° video is becoming very popular as we have seen with Facebook and iPhone now having a 360° picture option, it allows people to experience an event or location without being there in person.

Virtual Reality has been used in many large-scale events including conferences, sports events, award ceremonies and music concerts. There are many benefits to using virtual reality as it allows people who cannot get to the events to still have a similar experience to being at the venue. People are starting to get creative with using virtual reality in their events and in May 2017 the world’s first official virtual reality wedding ceremony will be taking place!

The Pro’s and Con’s

On 3rd March 2017 Mobileye set a new Guinness World Record for the ‘Most People Using Virtual Reality Displays’ during the 2017 YPO Edge. They surprised the attendees with the experience of driving a driver-less car in virtual reality. This shows the power that virtual reality has to enhance corporate presentations and conferences.

Although people claim that virtual reality adds to the emotional factor of an event, it can also have the opposite effect and actually remove the emotional impact. If you look at personal events such as a wedding, would it have the same impact if a couple chose to conduct this virtually?

The same can be said about a musical event or concert, can the impact of attending a live music performance live up to the emotion you feel from hearing the music in person?

If virtual reality becomes part of people’s day-to-day lives, one negative impact is that more and more people may prefer to spend most of their lives in virtual spaces as it’s possible to re-create an unhappy life with a more creative, happier, virtual one.

Although the technology for virtual reality is currently expensive, as this technology becomes more available the cost will come down and supporting devices will be better optimised for virtual reality as we will see more of this technology being used.

If you are interested in any of our crime events or would like to find out more about our virtual reality crime scenes, please call us on 0207 1676 717 or email info@rightangleevents.co.uk

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