Sushi Making Team Activity

Unleash your inner chef in this fun, creative activity; where presentation and teamwork is key.

Sushi making is a great way to spend a few hours learning some new skills; we can run this activity as a class or with a competitive edge in which teams have to work together.

More About Sushi Making

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Learn a skill

Sushi making is great for teams who are looking for something a bit different and teaches guests a new skill they can take home with them!


Teams must use their creativity in the presentation of their sushi masterpieces to 'wow' the judges and come out as the winners!


A professional demonstration is given by our chef to include classic and modern sushi where guests will also learn how to cook perfect rice.

Team Work

Work together to ensure your sushi looks and tastes amazing! Split tasks between your team members to avoid having an unfinished masterpiece!