Crime & Dine Team Building

Blood splatter

The CEO of Buckley Casinos has been found murdered in his casino and it’s down to your team to find out who committed the crime.

This entertaining evening experience takes place over dinner and will see guests trying their hand at fingerprinting, hair and fibre analysis and other forensic activities. Team work, collaboration, communication skills and a touch of competitive energy will be required for your team to solve this murder and win the challenge.

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Evening Activity

This is the perfect activity to match with a dining experience. You will collect evidence and solve clues between each course, and conclude after dessert!

A Compelling Case

Designed by Ex-Detectives & forensic scientists this team building exciting experience will fully immerse you into the life of a Crime Scene Investigator.

Piece Together The Evidence

Your teams must work collaboratively for this experience, solve clues and piece together evidence to solve the crime.

The Activities

Forensic testing and examinations are a must in this case! Become experts in dusting and lifting fingerprints, as well as using FBI Photofit software.