The Bodyguard Team Building Experience

Faced with robbery, kidnap or assassination, this exciting event will teach you all the basics you need to know in order to become a highly skilled bodyguard.

The Bodyguard Team Building Experience - Delivered by an experienced team, you will learn defensive techniques such as weapon disarming, surveillance of suspects and sharp shooting skills in this fun-filled and thrilling event. Learn the tricks of the trade and skills you can apply to real life situations such as self-defence and planning skills. A completely fresh team building experience.

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A 3 Stage Approach

The event consists of 3 main challenges; protecting the principle, sharp shooting & surveillance/spotting imminent threats. Finally there is the power of observation & reading body language.

Learn New Skills

The Bodyguard is certainly a great event if you are wanting to your team to learn new skills! You will learn lots of things that you can apply to real life situations.


One of the foundations of the experience is communication. You must work together to complete the tasks, especially during the "hunt" around the location.


See how weapons can be concealed by Bodyguards, and then test your skills! We have the option to either use air weapons or laser weapons.