The Detective Experience

Fancy being a police detective for a day? Our Detective Experience is a highly unique, ground breaking experience, based around a thrilling investigation.

With a strong emphasis on team work and communication, teams will solve the investigation while exploring the event destination. Rush round cities collecting clues, meeting secret police informants and decipher clues. You and your team will need to investigate the crime from the point of view of detectives. 

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The Theft

Diamonds have been stolen from a dead man’s office, a few suspects have emerged but the rest is up to you. You and your team will need to investigate the crime.

Utterly Immersed

Investigative teams will complete “actions” which will take them around the city, including solving cryptic clues left by the criminals and visiting a very shady and surveillance conscious police informant.

Modern Forensics

Items recovered must be powdered using modern forensic techniques, and a photo fit constructed using FBI software. We only use authentic materials in our experiences.

Communication is Key

It's safe to say without working effectively as a team with a strong emphasis on communication; this team build will become impossible. Work together to catch the thief.