Stocks In The City Team Building

This Stock-market and trading focused team building activity is an authentic simulation of the real life trading that operates in every financial district of the world.

You can expect to experience the extreme highs and lows that come with the constant fluctuation of the real-time Stock Market and related Stock Prices. You'll be looking at the ramifications this has on the value of Share Certificates of which you've already made an investment in. You'll be tasked to consider people's intuition and decision making whilst your instincts are pushed to the very limit.

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Manage Stress

This event relies heavily on stress-management as you will expect to experience the highs and lows that come with the fluctuation of stock prices.

Ownership & Responsibility

This team building activity requires every team member of the trading syndicate to take ownership and responsibility for their groups trading techniques.

Variety Of Roles

This event allows guests to explore a variety of roles, such as Finance Manager, Investment Analyst, Media Analyst and Floor Trader.

Time Management

Time Management is key in this fast-paced, high pressured environment. Will the market window close whilst you're still trading?