Awakening The Dead Team Building

It looks like just a box full of unusual items but you will soon discover it’s really a collection of clues taking you back to the 1970’s.

Be entertained and captivated through a series of forensic challenges, giving you the opportunity to solve a case using evidence and clues from the 1970’s through the actual methods employed by real Crime Scene Investigators. Awakening the Dead team building is a unique and unusual CSI experience where teams will work together to re-investigate a historic crime.

More About Awakening the Dead

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Discover The Evidence

Discover & analyse evidence and clues from the 1970’s! Tasks include; dusting, lifting & analysing fingerprints, as well as blood splatter & forensic analysis.

Solve The Crime!

Use modern forensic techniques and challenge your team to piece together all the evidence and solve the heinous crime.

Indoor Activity

This event can be held in any location across the UK & Europe, as well as internationally. Get teams working together on an exciting "cold case" CSI challenge.

Executive Teams

This experience is suitable for 5+ Participants and can be run for larger groups. The event is fantastic analytical challenge, and ideal for executive teams.