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Happy workers are productive workers


This might not be the most significant revelation in the world, but it is a fact that many companies overlook. We expect employees to be responsible for their own happiness and see this as a personal time factor that should not involve the workplace. This is actually a huge misconception, and the most successful businesses are those who invest some time and money into ensuring their employees are a happy bunch.

Thrown Together

Think about it this way. We get to choose our circle of friends, so it stands to reason we get on great. Our work colleagues are a little different. We are thrown together with these strangers and have to work cooperatively when we actually barely know each other. If all we ask our employees to do is work, how can we expect them to have any sort of happiness level once they step inside the door?

Studies Show Happier People Work Harder

Many studies focus on the happiness effect in the office, but really it is common sense. How enthusiastic do you feel if you are miserable, clock watching and basically waiting for the day to end? Workers can feel isolated from a team and if the boss is seen as tyrannical and only interested in output. Morale is sure to fall, work rate goes down, and quality suffers. Workers who feel happy are proven to work faster and smarter, which is good for the company overall.

So What Can You Do?

Team building is a simple and effective way to bring some energy back to your office.  There are many ways to host social events, however, who wants to build a bridge across the room using just two chairs and a plank.  Your team deserves a little more enthusiasm from you, so our higher energy, sophisticated team building days could fit the bill and will leave you with a motivated, cooperative, happy team ready to offer you their best.

Kidnap Yourself!

In our half day Taken Experience, you as the boss, have been taken hostage and your team must work together to solve the clues and track you down. Now, actually you can take part, or we supply the CEO, but you will have a great day investigating and learning. Explore surveillance techniques and learn about hostage negotiation. We can bring this event to your office or find you a totally excellent venue.

Spend the Day as Detectives

One of our more popular days has been aptly named The Detective. A jewel thief has stolen diamonds from an office, and the occupant is dead. Your support staff have identified a few suspects, but it is up to your team to find out who really did it. Action packed and lots of fun this is a great way to bring your team together. Smaller groups can work as one; larger teams could split up and have an exciting interoffice competition to see who can solve the case first.

If you would like to explore how to make your people happier and more productive, please take a look on our website at the fun and engaging team building events we offer or get in contact and speak to one of our Account Managers who can tailor any of our events to your needs. 

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