Millennial Team Building Activities

Millennial Team Building Activities

Looking for the best team building activities for millennials? Millennials seem to be a generation that employers appear to “struggle” with more than usual. Forbes released a very interesting article “Millennials Aren’t Afraid To Change Jobs, And Here’s Why”, the study showed that by age 35, about 25% of young employees would have worked five jobs.

Does this mean employers need to be working even harder to try and retain staff? After all, the recruitment process can be very long and costly.

There are lots of different ideas of how to engage millennials, but is certainly something you need to be thinking about in relation to your team or company.

We also understand that teams are always mixed as well (from the baby boomers to generation z), and the struggle of trying to find something activities to appeal to absolutely everyone.

Here is a round of up of the top 3 activities we would recommend as team building for millennials!

Appeal to Their Tech Side

It is very rare these days to be able to “wow” tech buffs, so we’ve designed a tech team building experience that is even more immersive than before! The Killing with VR sees guests exploring a crime scene in virtual reality and then (using authentic equipment) forensically work out who committed the murder. With a variety of themes to choose from teams will work on communication, leadership as well as having a fantastic time!

In addition to The Killing with VR we also offer an amazing mix of virtual reality games, with guests working in teams to collect points from a variety of fun VR games such as Ski Racing, Walking the Plank and Fruit Ninja. The VR Team Building Event is perfect for teams wanting to go head to head.

Immersive really is key in terms of the type of experience you choose. People are spending thousands on experiences like pop up cinemas, themed bars and festivals. A staggering 74 percent of Americans prioritise experiences over products.

Be Environmentally Conscious Whilst Learning New Skills

Our pop-up sustainable cookery experiences are the perfect way to get teams working together, learning new skills, focusing on the environmental impact of the produce we use in our cooking events and create something delicious.

Whilst still being lots of fun, we will focus on the environmental impact of the produce we use and also the waste it can leave behind. Teams will be judged not only the great food created but also on the waste left at the end of the event.

Our chefs will be observing teams as they cook, taking notes on food preparation and the power consumption used to cook the dishes, we will offer creative ideas and ways to help them reduce their carbon footprint. The perfect mix of fun and learning, with a tasty outcome.

Tap Into The Escape Room Phenomenon On a Larger Scale

Escape Rooms have boomed hugely in the last few years, however in terms of team building they can only usually take 4-5 people per room. We have designed the perfect alternative “Escape the Box” which can cater for 100’s of employees at a time!

Teams must solve 12 sequential stages as quickly as they can, while correctly completing questions and challenges as they go. 

Expect to be immersed as you decipher puzzles and conundrums to crack the padlock codes and gain access to the next activity box. Activities include morse code, fingerprinting, litmus testing, UV lamps and map reading/compass to name just a few!

The twist however is that teams will need to collaborate and share information; if they don’t, teams will hit-a-brick-wall.

Challenge your company to Escape the Box!

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