VR Team Building

This hilarious event is designed to give teams a chance to try VR, and puts colleagues head to head in a series of wacky virtual challenges.

This high tech, fast-paced competition gets teams competing for points across a number of epic VR experiences including walking off a plank on an 80 story skyscraper, A VR dance-off, racing from space to landmarks on Earth and VR ski race.

More About VR Team Building

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No Skill Needed

Don't worry if you're not the most skilled or dexterous person, the VR activities are simple to master and enjoy regardless of who is using them even if you have never played a video game in your life. All you will need is a will to win!

Minimal Space Required

As everything takes place virtually, you only need an area 2M x 2M for each VR station to fully enjoy this activity. So if space is a premium for you, this is the perfect even to really maximise the area you have in the office.

Are You Time Conscious?

Can't afford to have the team out of the office for a day? Not a problem, this event is designed for managers who want amazing team building without the need to leave the office.

Watch the events unfold live

Don't miss out on any of the action as you watch what the contestants are seeing through their VR headsets live on any TV screen! If that wasn't enough, scores are tracked on digital leaderboards right up to the final round.