Got a large event and need to collect lots of people’s menu choices or dietary requirements?

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We’ve been asked lots of times if we have anything to help people with collating menu options. Especially for busy PA’a and Office Managers, they don’t want to be spending hours collecting peoples choices and emailing to chase.

As a free tool we recommend Survey Monkey. This tool is absolutely fantastic to use, is really simple (and who doesn’t love free!). You can add as many “questions” as you could like. For example, for a gala dinner you may need a 3 course menu choice and to find out about any dietary requirements. The answers are then collated in the back end of survey monkey. If you have a very large group then it is worth upgrading to one of the paid packages as you can then download the responses.

You get a personalised link to your survey that you can then send to all of the delegates.

Quick step by step;

  1. Sign up to the free version of survey monkey
  2. Create your survey with menu choices
  3. Select tick boxes, and make sure all of the fields are made mandatory
  4. Ensure you include their name and email as a field
  5. Send the link or email out to all of your attendees
  6. Go to analzye > individual responses to see replies
  7. Fill the information into a spreadsheet document
  8. You have a completed menu choices sheet!

If you would like survey monkey to download a spreadsheet, you can upgrade.

Make sure the venue has a copy of everyone’s choices and try and include them on their name cards (people tend to forgot what they have chosen!)

Survey Monkey Menu Example
Menu example from survey monkey.


Well-fed teams = happy teams!

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