Animate Team Building Activity

Animate is a fun & creative animation team building activity that’s based around getting to grips with the latest amazing stop motion technology!

Using our iPad, teams are challenged to create a unique digital stop motion animation sequence based around a theme of your choice. From company mission statements, to wild and wacky suggestions, the theme of the event is completely up to you.

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Creativity & Ideas

This fun team building activity starts with teams creating their "storyboard" for their concept. Teams must work together the brief set by the event manager, create ideas and come up with the perfect idea.

Technology Based

Teams then move to their animation studio, where they take the objects of their animation and digitally record them moving through a series of small sequential steps.

Team Roles

This experience is ideal for teams wanting to look at roles and responsibilities. Communication, planning and coordination are essential elements of Animate, and will involve the entire team.

The Finished Product

Once complete, the team play back their video to see their stop motion animation story come to life, with rewarding and stunning results. Keep the videos as a lasting memory of the event!