Big Picture Team Build

Big Picture - a colourful and creative team building event that gets all teams working towards a collaborative and common goal – a huge masterpiece painting.

Working in small groups initially, teams have to earn their paint materials by completing a variety of fun challenges. Once they are armed with their materials, this is when things get colourful with all of the teams come together to create the Big Picture. An extremely collaborative & artistic team building event.

More About The Big Picture

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Initial Team Challenges

Teams will need to "earn" their paints by completing a variety of fun team building games and challenges, ready for the main experience. A great ice-breaker for the event.

Attention to detail

Challenge your teams ability to pay attention to detail. Teams to correctly draw out the picture to scale on their canvases, mix the correct shades of colour & get painting.

Collaborative & Fun

Teams will want to be competitive but need to collaborate if they are to match the correct scale and colours needed to make the painting look fantastic as a whole.

The Grand Unveiling

Once each individual team’s paintings are pieced together, the grand unveiling of the finished masterpiece will be a high impact ending to the event!