Real Life Clu D’oo Team Building

With a forensic twist on the classic game, your team must prove who killed Dr Black in this engaging and unique team building event.

Dr Jonathan Black has been found murdered at Tudor Mansion. It is your team’s task to try and solve who really did kill him, where they did it, how they did it and what the motive was. There is no speculation with our Clu D'oo event, you must forensically prove who committed the murder!

More About Real life Clu’doo

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Investigate and solve the crime using a variety of forensic techniques and tests adopted by real life crime scene investigators.

Immersive & Engaging

A completely immersive and engaging event where team work, problem solving and communication are key to catching the killer.

Clues & Analysis

Learn real forensic techniques and put them into practise by dusting and lifting fingerprints, analysing hair and fibre and comparing DNA.

Perfect Experience for a Meal

The perfect experience to run over a lunch or dinner, or if you are looking for something unique and memorable for corporate hospitality!