Cracked It!

In this fast-paced prison-themed escape room style activity, you and your team will be given 45 minutes on the clock to solve all of the puzzles and crack open the box!

Expect to be immersed in the race to escape prison as you pick your way out of your prison cell, decipher puzzles and conundrums to win points for your team! Not only are you racing against time and the other teams but you are also trying to discover who is the "bad" prison guard.

More About Cracked It!

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Based on a prison breakout, escape style activity

Do you have what it takes to break out of our jail and gain your freedom?

45 minutes on the clock, to be able to escape from prison!

Time is of the essence in this non-stop action-packed challenge...

Work in teams to "breakout" of your mini-cells and sneak past the guards

You will need every member of your team to help you all to escape from prison!

Hands-on creative challenges, code-cracking, solving riddles & more

Your skill sets will be pushed to the limit as you try and solve everything as quick as possible.