SUMMIT! Indoor Bear Grylls Everest Adventure

Have you ever wanted to climb Mount Everest but didn't fancy the freezing temperatures and potential death? Introducing the amazing Summit!

In this indoor team building activity, teams go head to head racing to be the first not only to reach the summit but also to return back down through a series of challenges that will test you. Led by The Bear Grylls Survival Academy Team, this is the most thrilling experience there is!

More About Summit!

Weatherproof Survival Experience

The ultimate "survival" style activity, without the risk of getting wet! This event was designed based on feedback from companies wanting to feel adventurous, without the risks.

Adventure With Bear Himself Challenges & Activities

Guests must complete a series of 10 challenges in order to climb Mount Everest! These range from creative, logic and fitness activities...

Adventure With Bear Himself

Go on a journey with Bear Grylls himself... videos of his adventures are included through-out to really immerse you and your team!

Get ready to "SUMMIT"

Has your company got the skills, resources, logistical planning strategy, commitment and determination to summit the highest mountain in the world?