Right Angle Corporate | Norfolk Silver Carbon Charter

What is the Carbon Charter?

  • A Charter Assessment includes a full site visit and review by a qualified assessor, and results in a readily understood badge endorsing the company at one of three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold).
  • Gaining Charter accreditation helps guide our business towards greater sustainability, even more so than we have already achieved to date.

The Panel was Impressed

The Panel was impressed with Right Angle Corporate Ltd, as it has a clear core ideal of environmental sustainability with many actions undertaken to be sustainable that effect business decisions and procurement. This fits perfectly in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Policy.

A 75% estimated reduction in emissions as a result of moving to a new building is good to see alongside the reduced electricity emissions that have been effective. The Panel also commended Right Angle’s sustainable procurement policy and noted that it is great to see that recycling is high on the agenda.

Environmental Sustainability

The Panel recommends that Right Angle Corporate Ltd should continue to champion environmental sustainability and continue to consider new actions to reduce its environmental impact.

Several considerations are underway; an EMS monitoring system and travel tracking, driver training and continuing to hire hybrid vehicles. We are creating a clear action plan with smart targets with timescales and ownership for each action.

We’re absolutely over the moon with this development and will continue to excel in our environmental sustainability.

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