Outdoor Events for Energetic Offices!

Winter is on it’s way out, the weather is getting warmer (it will always rain, this is England after all) and you and your colleagues are looking to get out and grab some of that fresh air with you’ve heard so much about.

One of the great things about getting outside with your team and into some energiser, action-packed team building is not only will you create a stronger bond with your colleagues, but you’ll also have a lot of fun doing it as well!

Below are 5 of our best selling top outdoor team building activities, offering something for everyone, from inflatable madness with enough foam to fill a swimming pool (and just as much water) to the more cerebral challenges guaranteed to puzzle even the sharpest mind!

For the Up-For-A-Laugh Team

It’s A Knockout

It's a knockout team building event - right angle corporate events

With wacky races, crazy costumes, inflatables and lots and lots of water, our It’s A Knockout Team Building Event will have your team smiling from ear to ear! This experience is guaranteed to be talked about for weeks to come. This event is particularly well suited to larger teams wanting a competitive activity.

This event is like no other! From dressing in budgie costumes to completing inflatable hurdle courses, there is something for everyone! Giant inflatables as well as “on the ground” activities make up the day. This is one of our most popular outdoor team building activities and is perfect for groups of all sizes! With It’s a Knockout, our theory is, the bigger the better! Grab your teammates, get out into the sunshine and prepare to get involved with the best team building event around!

It’s A Knockout challenges a team’s range of skills through a series of physical & mental games.

For the Adrenaline-Fuelled Team

Soapbox Derby

Teams face each other in this head to head challenge to develop and construct a race-ready self-propelled soapbox car.

Contestants will be presented with blueprints, materials and the tools needed to construct the vehicle. It’s then down to their creativity, time management and ability to work well together under pressure that will decide who wins!

A fun-filled event that is perfect for summer away days. There is both a build and design element to this activity so it allows those who love a hands-on approach to get stuck in building the body of the soapbox; while allowing the creatives to come up with wonderful and wacky soapbox designs. You can also give teams a theme for their soapbox that is company-related. Ending with a frantic drag races.

For the Thrill-Seeking Team

Bear Grylls Survival Academy

top outdoor team building activities Bear Grylls

Take your team on an amazing survival journey and introduce them to extreme survival skills. These skills are used not only by Bear himself but in some of the most extreme and wild environments.

Led by one of our experienced BGSA lead instructors, your team will be put to the test to complete exhilarating physical and mental challenges. Immerse yourself in this extremely adrenaline-fuelled survival experience. At the academy, you need courage and determination to complete this fun course. Your team will come away with expert teamwork skills, professional survival knowledge and life-long memories.

Air Crash Scenario, Wilderness Stretcher Race, Navigation Challenge, Axe Throwing, Sniper Rifle Shooting and the famous Gross Eat challenge are just some of the activities that may be included in your day.

However, you may be a part of a team that doesn’t want to go all-out running about a field getting hot and sweaty, so what then? Well, we have some awesome events that are perfect for you. After all, team-building doesn’t have to be frantic, it can be much more of a mentally challenging affair.

For the Puzzle Loving Team

Real Life Clu D’oo

 top outdoor team building activities Clu'Doo

With a forensic twist on the classic game, your team must prove who killed Dr Black in this engaging and unique team building event.

The legendary Dr Jonathan Black has been found murdered at Tudor Mansion. It is now your task to try and solve who really did kill him, where they did it and how they did it. With a forensic twist on the classic game, you must prove who murdered Dr Black!

Three possible suspects have been identified. Professor Plum Smith a long-term acquaintance of Dr Black, Ms Scarlet Smith according to her mobile phone, has been in regular communication with Dr Black, and Colonel Mustard-Coleman was working at Tudor Mansions on a restoration project.

  • Your job is to take on an investigative role of both a Police Officer and a Crime Scene Investigator. Remember to keep an open mind.
  • You will be guided through this exciting experience and provided with all materials needed to complete your investigation.
  • From fingerprinting to FBI Photo fits guests will be completely immersed in this engaging experience.
  • The perfect experience to run over a meal if you are looking for something unique and memorable.
  • The experience takes place inside with crime scene’s outside, the perfect “weatherproof” option!

For the Thinkers and Do’ers Team

The Crystal Challenge

Based on the ‘90s game show, Crystal Challenge is one of the most energetic, memorable experiences out there!
In teams you will compete against each other in an exhilarating mix of physical and mental challenges to win as many crystals as possible. The finalists will enter the grand crystal dome and the team with the most gold tickets will win the Crystal Challenge.

Teams make their way around all zones competing head to head against other teams. Win Crystals along the way to teams for each challenge completed across the 4 zones.

Teams come together at the end, with the top teams going head to head in our giant, inflatable crystal dome. Top teams enter the dome and must collect as many gold flying tokens as possible
The team with the most gold tokens are crowned the winners and awarded medals!

Whatever you decide to do with your team, our top outdoor team building activities are the ideal way to get your team together and working as a cohesive unit in a fun and enjoyable setting.

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