DIY CSI Team Building

Blood splatter

Want to challenge yourself at solving a crime? We can send you everything you need to investigate the crime.

Immerse yourself in this unique self-lead experience. This is the perfect self-delivery pack. Solve the investigation through completing a series of simple forensic challenges, giving you the opportunity to solve cases through the actual methods implemented by real crime scene investigators.

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Self Led Flexiblity

This CSI Pack contains everything you need to run your own event. Choose the date, time and location that is most convenient for you. You run the event yourself.

The Kit

Get suited up in CSI suits, mask and gloves and follow the simple step by step guide that is provide with the equipment.

Collaborate as a Team

Work as a team collaboratively to piece together the evidence and solve the crime. Explore the crime scene that you set up to find the information.

Forensic Techniques

Learn forensic techniques such as taking fingerprinting and their characteristics, as well as dusting for fingerprints.