iPad Movie Making Team Building

Armed with an iPad and film editing suite, teams must nominate their producer who will lead the team through creating an exciting or educational script.

We will give you all of the props and filming equipment you need to create a short movie. Explore roles within your group and take turns to stand behind or in front of the camera! This event can be fully bespoke as the theme for the movies can be set by your company!

More About iPad Movie Making

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Creative Event

This event relies heavily on the creativity of your team to create a short movie, based on a given topic.


Work effectively in your team by gathering idea's from every member to create the most successful short movie possible.

Team Roles

Explore roles within your team to give people the opportunity to work in other areas and have different responsibilities.

Planning & Processes

This event will test your planning skills with the initial story boarding challenge then challenge your ability to put it into practise.