Murder Mystery Team Building Experience

Choose from a variety of either contemporary or historical plots for your exciting and engaging murder mystery event.

With a bank of immersive actors and a murder mystery writer who spent ten years as a Detective, you can expect a night or a weekend of murder and mystery that you will have never experienced before! From traditional to trendy, we have many options!

Tell Me About Murder Mysteries

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Bespoke Events

An event completely tailored to you. We can design and write murder mysteries bespoke for you, based on your conference theme or event theme.

Over Dinner Option

This event is perfect for guests looking to do something over dinner or a meal - work in your teams to solve the clues between each course.

Classic Options

Don't fancy bespoke? Choose from our large array of themes, from 'Watch The Birdie', 'Sherlock Holmes', 'The Lady in Grey' and many more options!

Completely Flexible

We can run this event in a variety of venues, from using every room in a manor house, right down to small and intimate function room.