Rookie Detective Team Building

Someone has committed a murder or theft (your choice) and it is down to your team to find out who did it.

Teams will be given 3 suspects (which if you choose to, can be 3 of your colleagues) and in order to solve the investigation, teams will enter the crime scene in their CSI suits to retrieve evidence and analyse it for fingerprints.

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Clues & Analysis

Teams will practise forensic techniques to dust for and lift fingerprints, then learn how to analyse them using digital microscopes

Forensic Suits

In this activity, teams can channel their inner investigator by getting suited from head to toe in forensic suits with masks and gloves!

CSI Quiz

In this event, teams must work together, use their initiative and newly learnt knowledge to complete a CSI Quiz in order to win extra points

FBI Software

Use FBI Software to create a Photo Fit of the suspect you believe committed the crime, using evidence you have found to come to your conclusion