Silent Disco

Silent Discos are a great add on for any event and allow people to let their hair down and have a boogie, with a choice of 3 different music channels!

A silent disco has much in common with a regular disco or party, with one noticeable difference…there’s no music! That is until you put on a pair of headphones… Each pair of headphones has 3 channels chosen by a simple switch on the side of the headset, allowing you to choose your preferred choice of DJ/music.

More About Silent Disco

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Evening Events

This fun, engaging experience is perfect for any evening event and sets a great atmosphere for guests!

Covers all basis'

With our variety of music genres from classic rock, pop and 70's disco, there’s bound to be something for everyone!


Silent Discos are perfect for people of all ages and backgrounds and create a collaborative audial experience!


This innovative, unique experience will help to create an event that guests will remember in years to come!