Stop the Clocks Team Building Event

Stop the clocks is a fast paced race against time where teams must complete a series of challenges as quickly as possible.

In this exhilarating and time pressure team building activity, each team will be given a large clock that will act as their timer. Each team will then be given a series of challenges to complete before their time runs out.

More About Stop the Clocks

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Time Pressue

This event tests teams' accuracy and time management skills by giving them a series of challenges that must be completed as quickly as possible!


Teams must work collectively to complete challenges as accurately as possible, using communication and attention to detail.

Competitive Event

Teams work against their opponents to complete the tasks as quickly as possible and before any opposing teams press their timer!

Weatherproof Option

This team building activity can be held in a variety of venues, including outdoor locations, and is perfect for any season!