The Great Train Robbery Team Building

Back in 1963, on 6th August, The Great Train Robbery took place and is possibly one of the most famous thefts of its time. The story goes that a gang of 15 robbers from London, inspired by Bruce Reynolds, stole over £2,600,000 from a train!

In this captivating team building event, you and your team will have the unique opportunity to investigate this audacious and terrible crime. There will be a serious flaw in the evidence that you will receive meaning you will have to be sharp and savvy to make use of the skills we demonstrate to you. To set the scene; you will learn the basics and then be thrown straight into the deep end where you will have to look at the case and derive what happened, who, where, when, and why.

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Clues & Analysis

In teams you will have to dusk for fingerprints, analyse DNA and piece the puzzle together to discover who was responsible for this audacious crime.

Hosted at THE Location

This event works perfectly at The Star Tavern, Belgravia, which is where the original heist was planned and plotted!

Based on Fact

Based on a historic crime, learn more about what happened on 6th August 1963 and how the gang of 15 robbers stole £2.6 million from a train!

Unique Corporate Hospitality

This event is a unique 'money can't buy' experience, great for intimate dinners, international groups and executive teams.