Right Angle Corporate Events - Top 5 Christmas Team Building Activities

We have a whole host of fun Christmas themed team building activities for you to choose from for your Christmas party. We thought we would put together our top 5 Christmas team building activities, which will ensure that you have a fantastic Christmas event!!

 1. Real life Clu D’oo

Was it in the conservatory with the bread knife? Was it Miss Scarlet? This popular board game comes to life with 6 suspects, 9 different locations and 9 potential murder methods! You will have to access all the potential weapons, secret tape recordings and all the forensic equipment needed to solve this case.

This is a “Who, How and What-Dunnit!

The legendary Dr Black has been found murdered in his own home. It is now your task to try and solve scientifically solve who really did kill him, where they did it and how they did it. With a forensic twist on the classic game you must prove one of the 486 different combinations to be true.

2. Crystmas Maze

A Crystal Maze themed event where teams compete in a range of Christmassy team building activities in order to win the most crystals. Teams visit activity zones that are categorized Physical, Mental, Mystery and Skill.

In each zone there are a number of themed team building games and activities for teams to complete. All team challenges are Christmas themed and include completing the Present Pyramid, solving the Christmas mystery to find out who stole the presents, an igloo whilst blindfolded (to prevent snow blindness of course) and lots more!

3. Casino Nights

Our casino events give you the unique look and feel of a real casino and are a great way to get people in the party mood….and of course there’s no risk of your guests losing their hard earned cash.

We’ll supply everyone with ‘fun money’ at the start of the evening (we can even personalise the money to you if you wish).

4. Christmas Crime & Dine

The CEO of Buckley Casinos has been found murdered in his casino. Complete with casino themed clues, this exciting and entertaining evening experience will create a memorable Christmas party for all.

Investigate a crime over a meal. This is a very popular and fun evening or lunch time event. We design your own crime and dine experience, just for you. Our forensic expert will outline the crime at the beginning of the event. You will be guided through the different stages of the investigation between and after courses.

You will have to try your hand at:

  • Fingerprinting
  • Dusting items for criminals’ prints
  • Other forensic activities

5. Christmas Generation Game

Who knows what hidden talents will be uncovered and the teams that shine through the most in the Generation Game team activities will win the most points. And what do points make? Prizes!

Rounds can include balloon making, cake decorating, Christmas jumper decorating and more

If you are planning your Christmas party and need some help please give us a call on 0207 1676 717 or email us on [email protected] 

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